FAQ - Barcode data is too long for this barcode type on Dymo LabelWriter

Q) When I try to add an EAN13 barcode to my label it will only let me type in 12 numbers, if I type in 13 it says, "Barcode data is too long for this barcode type" - what is the problem?

A) EAN-13 barcodes are made up of 12 digits plus a single digit checksum, which the Dymo software calculates automatically. If you are using pre-generated barcodes that already include the checksum, then simply leave out the last digit. The Dymo Label Software will then add it back on.

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FAQ: Dymo Cardscan and El Capitan

Are you aware of issues with cardscan OCR reader not being detected by computer post installation of El Capitan O/S? I have an 800c an for last 2 weeks is not being detected by computer.

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