FAQ - Barcode data is too long for this barcode type on Dymo LabelWriter


Q) When I try to add an EAN13 barcode to my label it will only let me type in 12 numbers, if I type in 13 it says, "Barcode data is too long for this barcode type" - what is the problem?

A) EAN-13 barcodes are made up of 12 digits plus a single digit checksum, which the Dymo software calculates automatically.  If you are using pre-generated barcodes that already include the checksum, then simply leave out the last digit.  The Dymo Label Software will then add it back on.

01 December 2016  |  21:24

This is a very shortsided answer, it must be possible in professional products like DYMO to switch off that ridicule calculation or you must offer a tool that takes away or ignore automaticly the already present calculation bit. DYMO as sales organisation must shame itself for such a low interest answer.

Tech Support
02 December 2016  |  8:47

Well don't tell us, there's nothing we can do about it, complain to Dymo! www.dymo.com

05 July 2017  |  13:19

I contacted support and they send me a back and edited label file. Still the same result: no barcode is shown, error in preview.

But I found the solution.
First you need the 12 digits like tech support suggests (so eliminate the last digit, remaining 12).

Then, when you are in the import wizard, drag the your 12 digit EAN number to the barcode field, and REMOVE the space at the end (blue dot) that Dymo puts in after every variable ;-(

Tadaaa Success!

ps. Also make sure the barcode object in your label layout is set to link to Data and not to Object..

16 July 2017  |  11:07

Sebastiaan, you are a fantastic person. You just solved hours of frustration with that post. Thank you.

17 February 2018  |  1:31

A year after, you have saved me many hours of frustration and trying to figure out why every permutation of an UPC code would produce a "Invalid barcode data" message. THANK YOU!

19 July 2021  |  4:44

Thank you for this! I have been going crazy trying to upload the 13 digit number and would never have know to delete the last number only to see it reappear!

I don't suppose you know if an EAN13 will print on a small Dymo label. e.g. 25mm x 2mmm? Thanks again!

19 July 2021  |  11:37

You can test it by trying to create it in the Dymo Label Software. But in this case no, it says the barcode will not fit.