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Dymo Launches Dymo ID software

Dymo have released the Dymo ID specifically to work with the XTL range of printers and labels. It allows you to make printing to the XTL300 and XTL500 printers even easier via a PC connection.

Buy genuine Dymo LabelWriter 99010's at nearly half (of the already heavily discounted) price with high yield packs

New Product: Dymo S0947420 High Capacity XL Shipping Labels (for 4XL printers only)

These are new "High Yield" labels from Dymo. They are a very similar size to the popular 99014's, but instead of a portrait orientation they are landscape on the roll. This means that they can fit more than twice as many labels on the same sized roll (575 vs 260), and the high yield pack contains two rolls so there actually 1150 vs 260 compared to the 99014's.

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