NEW Product - Dymo DURABLE D1 Tapes

Dymo have released a new range of D1 labels, called "DURABLE".  These are a more wear and moisture resistant version of the regular D1 tapes.

There are currently 4 of these new labels in the range (click to see the product):

  Dymo DURABLE 12mm White on Black   

  Dymo DURABLE 12mm Black On Orange  

  Dymo DURABLE 12mm Black On White

  Dymo DURABLE 12mm White On Red  

Here is the Dymo sales blurb:

When confronted with challenging surfaces, use a label that’s tougher and lasts longer than paper labels. DYMO D1 Durable labels feature industrial-strength adhesive and resist fading, peeling and abrasion due to light, heat, moisture and household cleaners. Dymo D1 Durable labels are perfect for kitchens, garages, storage cupboards and more.

  • Industrial strength adhesive  helps to ensure labels stay stuck to a variety of surfaces

  • Indoor/outdoor water-resistant design withstands UV light, heat, humidity, household cleaners and near freezing conditions

  • Labels are perfect for mugs, water bottles and food storage containers

  • Scratch and tear resistant material helps ensure text stays legible

  • Ideal for labelling kitchens, pantries, utility cupboards, laundry rooms, workshops or garages 

  • Sticks securely to flat or curved surfaces

  • Thermal transfer printing creates durable labels with text that won’t smear or fade

NOTE:  These tapes are certified for use with the following LabelManager Label Printers - LM160, LM280, LM210D, 420P, PnP, 360D and the new Mobile Labeler.  However, they are not compatible with the LM500TS, Pnp Wireless, or the LW450 DUO.