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Installing the new Win 10 / 8 / 7 software onto the Dymo PnP itself

To use the Dymo Plug and Play (PnP) with Windows 10 you'll need the v2 of the Dymo Label Light software. This can be downloaded and run from your PC, but the whole point of the PnP was that the software was on the device itself and that you could just plug it into any PC and run it without having to download the software onto each PC...


Using the Dymo Labelling Software you can do a "mail merge", which is where you create a template label then import a list of addresses* which are then printed out as a batch using the label template.

*You can also import other information, including barcode numbers, but for this lesson we'll use addresses.

Cleaning cards for Dymo Labelwriter Printers

The regular cleaning cards used to be available to purchase, but have since been discontinued so are no longer available, and the 4XL cleaning cards were never available separately. So what do you do if you can't find the cleaning card? Well, here are Dymo's instructions on how to create your own!

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