How to clean a Dymo LabelWriter DUO

If you are having image quality issues on a LabelWriter DUO printer, please try the following:

  1. Unplug the printer from the computer (USB). Leave the power cord attached.
  2. Pull up the lid and remove the labels
  3. Then you take off the front cover of the printer
  4. Be gentle when you remove the front cover of the printer
  5. When the front cover is off, use the cleaning card that comes with the machine or a business card with some pure alcohol on it and run this through the machine a few times. If the machine is dirty, you will see the card become black. Run another one or through until the printer is cleaned.
  6. When done, put the front cover back on.
  7. Make sure that the front cover is flush on all sides. You should hear a small click when you have attached the front back on and it's flush on all sides.
  8. Plug in the printer again and try to print a label

and for the cassette part:

  1. Open the lid where the cassette is located. There should be a brush on the inside.
  2. Remove the cassette from the machine
  3. Remove the brush and dip it in some rubbing alcohol, make sure it's damp, not dripping wet.
  4. Clean the print head with the brush and if the brush becomes black, just use the other side of it.
  5. When used up, then you can use a cotton tipped brush or tops to clean with.
  6. Make sure nothing is stuck on the roller opposite the print head. This roll should be white.
  7. You can also clean the printers knife using the brush, if needed. Do note that the knife is very sharp.

The sensors should also be cleaned with a piece of dry cloth (no alcohol).