Installing the new Win 10 / 8 / 7 software onto the Dymo PnP itself


To use the Dymo Plug and Play (PnP) with Windows 10 you'll need the v2 of the Dymo Label Light software.  This can be downloaded and run from your PC, but the whole point of the PnP was that the software was on the device itself and that you could just plug it into any PC and run it without having to download the software onto each PC.

So here is how to install the new software onto the Dymo PnP:

  1. Connect the LabelManager PnP to the PC using the USB cable. Open "Computer" to access DYMO LabelManager Plug-n-Play driver folder.
  2. Download the LabelManager PnP update: DYMOLabelLightv2.exe
  3. Choose to save the file to your desktop.
  4. Right click the DYMO Label Light file located on the desktop and choose to copy the file.
  5. Browse to Computer and double click the LabelManager PnP to open drive folder.
  6. Go to Edit > Paste to paste the DYMO Label Light to the LabelManager PnP drive folder.
  7. Select Yes to replace the current DYMO Label Light.exe file with the new one from your desktop.
  8. Double-click the LabelManager PnP file from the LabelManger PnP drive folder to print labels. 

14 September 2016  |  0:58

ša fonctionne

07 November 2016  |  0:56

This worked great. Less steps actually. I have searched the internet for hours and was about to give up and toss it in the trash! Thank you!

17 November 2017  |  17:12

THANK YOU!! This worked for me!!

I left the " DYMO Label " folder untouched in the " LABEL MAKER (D:) " drive folder & only replaced the " DYMO Label Light.exe " (that came pre-installed on the Dymo PnP) with the " DYMOLabelLightv2.exe " file you have in your instructions...after doing this my problem was fixed.

=== Details of the issue I had in case it can help others ===

My Dymo Label Manager PnP had been working just fine on Windows 7 for about 2-years. After several several months of not using it, I recently went to make some labels & got the following error when trying to run the .exe file that is installed on the label maker itself:


Plug and Play application encountered an error and need to be closed.

Error: 'Configuration Manager Error 13'

Source: 'GrandParentFilter'

Greg Duplechain
30 January 2019  |  15:32

Yep, copied and pasted new execute file (deleted the old one) and works great.

13 March 2019  |  14:49

This worked. Thank you so much.

14 October 2019  |  20:59

THANK YOU!!! Even 4 years later this still helped fix my problem. Much appreciated!