FAQ: Dymo Cardscan and El Capitan


Q) Are you aware of issues with cardscan OCR reader not being detected by computer post installation of El Capitan O/S? I have an 800c an for last 2 weeks is not being detected by computer.

A) The Dymo CardScan products (incuding 800c, personal and executive) do not currently support the latest version of Mac OS X ("El Capitan").  Currently they are only compatible up to Yosemite (10.10).  Dymo is working on a new version of the driver, but there is currently no release date announced.


20-APR-2016 Update:  According to Dymo, Cardscan is still incompatible with El Capitan, and there is still no ETA on the fix.  However, they have suggested the following temporary solution, which may or may not be practical -

"Right now, the only way to be able to use CardScan on [an] ElCapitan system is with help of software that simulates virtual Windows environment, such as Parallels or Virtual Box."

01-SEP-2016 Update:  Dymo have issued a new statement about the compatibility here: CardScan El Capitan Fix

Giomar Fong
25 October 2015  |  20:58

Hi, Please let me know when you have the El Capitan driver ready for your 800c device, I have your device dead since Yosemite 10.3 because the driver wasn't compatible.

30 October 2015  |  14:44

Latest from Dymo, "We are aware of the incompatibility issue and DYMO is working with Apple to resolve it. We are hoping to have a solution soon. Please be advised that there will be official information about the software update on our webpage once the developers come up with the solution."

I've asked them to let us know once it's done, but no reply yet as to whether they will do that...

05 December 2015  |  21:04

Have you not any answers in a full month. On Internet time, this is forever. I'm already looking for ways to dump CardScan and never use it again!

What's your solution?

06 December 2015  |  9:45

We are not Dymo, we are a retailer of Dymo products, so we don't have a solution other than to make it clear to purchasers that the cardscan doesn't work with El Capitan. If you have purchased the device fairly recently from another supplier I would suggest taking it back and saying it doesn't work with your OS. If you've had it for a while I suggest you complain to Dymo - www.dymo.com - If everybody moaned to them instead of us maybe they would pay more attention!

30 October 2015  |  11:45

I think this is really sad. How long have you been able to make CardScan El Capitan compatible? Since June, when it has been presented by Apple and short after given to developers. Bad service.

30 October 2015  |  11:53

We are not Dymo, if you would like to give them any comments on their service please email helpdesk@dymo.com

Michael Martl
14 November 2015  |  18:48

When will Cardscan 800c compatible to OS X El Capitan?


Tech Support
15 November 2015  |  10:19

See above. And below. It's in progress with no estimated release date.

02 November 2015  |  16:22

When will you have el capitan capable software available for cardscan?

02 November 2015  |  17:09

Latest from Dymo, "We are aware of the incompatibility issue and DYMO is working with Apple to resolve it. We are hoping to have a solution soon. Please be advised that there will be official information about the software update on our webpage once the developers come up with the solution."

03 November 2015  |  16:10

Let's hope that we don't have to wait too much longer for this? Although it took long enough for Cardscan/Dymo to previously make their product work in OSX?

Tech Support
05 November 2015  |  9:27

Dymo update 4th November, "We did escalate the case to [the development team] and we received official confirmation that they are working with Apple to resolve the issue with CardScan and El Capitan. At this point they do not know when a solution will become available."

As for the apparent claim by someone in Dymo Customer Care that Dymo would not be supporting the Mac OS after Yosemite, they said that they "will be investigating the matter" and insisted that the developers WERE still working on the solution.

08 November 2015  |  4:40

Also looking for this upgrade for 800c on El Capitan. Its amazing how many times you keep trying to connect before the penny drops you did an OS upgrade. Sad these things are not worked out in advance. I can't imagine how many people would be affected.

Andy Ackerman
08 November 2015  |  17:52

I would hope asap as I understand Demo had a year to fix this as Apple had notified Demo of El-Capitan a year ago. I currently have a very expensive card reader that is sitting useless at the moment. Not doing Dymo's reputation a lot of good.

23 November 2015  |  10:07

Latest update from Dymo, "I apologize for the inconvenience as we still have not received any news about the issue with CardScan and El Capitan. I will inform you of any updates as soon as they become available."

Chuck Lanza
01 December 2015  |  12:04

Is it time to send the scanner back? I bought it two weeks ago from the site and there was not a warning about incompatibility. BAD, BAD, BAD customer service.

01 December 2015  |  12:19

Yes, unless the advert specifically stated that it didn't work with the latest version you should totally send it back for a full refund.

24 December 2015  |  9:40

Wow it is December 2015 Christmas and still there is no update from your end?? no driver released? El Capitan was open for development and you never had time to release the driver or fix it?

Tech Support
26 December 2015  |  15:11

There is no "our end". We are not Dymo. If you have any questions/complaints please send them to Dymo, not to us.

Jack Whelan
18 January 2016  |  14:45

Any update on when Dymo will support CardScan 800c on Apple Mac El Capitan? So disappointed in Dymo who seem to care nothing about its installed base.

18 January 2016  |  15:14

We've not had any update from Dymo yet. If you want to let them know, please contact them directly through their website www.dymo.com

18 April 2016  |  8:37

Have you confirmed if Dynamo 800c can be used with El Capitan ? when do you expect to have resolved ?

Tech Support
20 April 2016  |  11:21

Please see the latest update at the top. I'm not sure if that will be of any help to anyone, but it's the only solution that has been offered currently.

31 August 2016  |  7:52

any news about the usage of dymo 800c scan for el capitan?

Tech Support
01 September 2016  |  12:29

Yes, please see this update: El Capitan / CardScan Fix