FAQ - Explanation of D1, Permanent, Nylon and Durable label differences

Q) The new durable labels are obviously supposed to be better than the regular D1 labels, but how do the durable labels (eg. 1978364) compare to the 'Permanent' D1 labels (eg. 16959)? 

A) The regular tape is for flat smooth surfaces, the permanent label has stronger adhesive for flat / uneven surfaces, and durable has even stronger industrial strength adhesive for flat / curved / uneven surfaces.

Regular D1 Tapes: Clean flat smooth surfaces (regular adhesive)

Nylon D1 Tapes: Curved and/or uneven surfaces (stronger adhesive)

Permanent D1 Tapes: Flat / smooth / uneven surfaces (stronger adhesive)

Durable D1 Tapes: Curved / flat / smooth / uneven surfaces (extra strong adhesive)