FAQ: Where can I get embossing tapes for my Dymo 1855 MKII Jet labeller

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Q) Where can I get embossing tapes for my old Dymo 1855 MK II Jet Labeller?  

A) Unfortunately, there are no Dymo embossing tapes available for this machine.  The 6mm tapes are no longer available and the current 9mm tapes are 3m long - the 1855 takes 2m long 6mm or 9mm tapes.  Although that seems like it would still work, it doesn't actually fit in the machine.  If you're really desperate , theoretically, you could buy the 3m cartridge then unwind it, cut it down in length, and try and feed it into the existing 1855 cartridge.  Other than that, you may be able to find compatible (non-Dymo) labels online.