FAQ: Can Dymo labels be used in a freezer?


Q) Are Dymo labels suitable for use in the freezer?

A) LetraTAG labels are NOT suitable for use in the freezer, but Dymo D1 labels are rated for use between -18c and 90c.  If you are attaching them to flexible packaging (ie. freezer bags) then the D1 Nylon tape is a better choice, although only available in one colour and 2 sizes.  To use Dymo D1 labels you will need a printer from the Dymo LabelManager range.

Calidad CQS
18 October 2017  |  15:22

Are there any labels suitable for -80║C?
Thanks in adavance.


18 October 2017  |  15:30

None of the Dymo range are approved for use below -40║C, even the industrial tapes (Vinyl, Nylon, Polyester).