FAQ: The print is fading on my Dymo labelmaker - where can I get more ink?


"The print is fading on my Dymo labelmaker - where can I get more ink?"

None of the Dymo LabelMakers use ink, they just use the self contained tape cartridges.  If the print starts to fade this is almost always an indication that the batteries need replacing.  We believe this to be because the printhead requires more power than the drive motor, so when the batteries get very low the text will fade while the tape still feeds giving the "out of ink" effect.

But we've never yet met an "out of ink" problem that wasn't in fact an "out of batteries" problem, so don't think we're just trying to fob you off - it really is the batteries!

Update: Just to be clear - This fix is for this specific problem - ie. the text looks faded as you print it, and getting more faded as you print more.  If you are having a different problem, then this fix won't fix it.  Also, obviously only applies to battery operated devices!

Gail Humphrey
04 May 2017  |  17:09

Worked for me! What was so amazing was that the same batteries have been in there about 10 years. :)

Shelly Little
08 May 2017  |  19:50

changed batteries and still printing the same with letters missing on top

10 May 2017  |  10:32

If you don't have this specific problem, and it seems that you don't, then this specific fix will not fix it. Please contact Dymo technical support via their website - www.dymo.com

Kent Soileau
10 September 2019  |  7:02

Shelly, I'm having the same issue as you. Printing but cuts the upper part of the letters. New batteries isn't working. Did you ever find a fix?

Megan Wahr
06 December 2022  |  5:00

I put new batteries and still top half not printing. Looked at tape roll cartridge and noticed it was not in the tiny little tape guides. Placed tape in the guides and now printing perfectly. Hope this helps.

Megan Wahr
06 December 2022  |  4:59

I put new batteries and still top half not printing. Looked at tape roll cartridge and noticed it was not in the tiny little tape guides. Placed tape in the guides and now printing perfectly. Hope this helps.

Josh Moore
03 August 2023  |  21:48

Thank you! It wasn't in the guides so it was off. This fixed it!

Brian Maguire
23 August 2023  |  22:01

Thanks Megan! Changing batteries did not work for me but your tip did!

30 May 2017  |  7:38

Changed the batteries: now printing perfectly. Another triumph for "Googling" to solve a problem!

Shannon Jones
20 October 2018  |  20:59

That worked perfectly. Thanks

03 July 2019  |  18:58

Batteries changed to NEW batteries not ones that were sitting on the shelf for five years. Bright color again! Thank you for that easy FIX!

10 November 2019  |  6:20

I cleaned the print head with the mini brush inside the cover. That didn't help at all. Read the comments about battery. I replaced the batteries with a new set. Thereafter, it printed like brand new. Thanks for helping me to resolve this,

Greg Nokes
13 March 2021  |  9:01

dymo labelwriter twin turbo spits out blank labels and sounds different now. There is no battery compartment I can see. Got any other fixes?

Tech Support
13 March 2021  |  9:06

That is a completely different problem for a completely different type of printer. Solution for your problem is here: breaking-news-dymo-labelwriter-suddenly-starts-printing-blank-labels-in-win-10-latest-11-03-2021

20 September 2019  |  19:24

Same for me. Google triumph. Amazing to find such a simple fix

Pollyann Monk
03 October 2019  |  9:17

Brilliant! Yes it worked for me too thank you.
Probably first time Iíve changed batteries in my 10 year old printer too!

Nancy Azzopardi
03 December 2020  |  18:47

Perfect!! Thank you ---it is now working great!!

Barbara Carrellas
17 April 2021  |  0:24

Worked for me too and I'd also been using the same batteries for at least a decadeóthat's wild!

Jennifer C
15 September 2021  |  1:45

had the same faded print problem. changed the batteries and it IMMEDIATELY fixed the print quality. Thanks for the FAQ solution

Faye Te Awarua
11 February 2022  |  0:04

I've had my Dymo just before Christmas, very happy with it, and yes I was curious to the reason why the ink was fading, thinking do I need ink, then read this, wow to my disbelief it works. I was running on low battery for a long while, then notice ink was fading, now have found the solution and happy with the result, back to the labelling lots of fun, thank you Dymo.

10 May 2017  |  10:05

Not worked for me - still only black marks printed :-( Really cross as quite new and barely used, 3 cartridges and cleaning tried too :-(

10 May 2017  |  10:35

If you don't have this specific problem then this specific fix will not fix it. Don't get cross, get technical support - via their website - www.dymo.com

18 March 2018  |  13:12

How do you change the batteries?

Iíve read the guide and googles, but still canít figure it out

Alice Walker
21 December 2019  |  20:47

I put in new batteries to no avail. Then I rechecked them and I had put one in upside down. Corrected that, and it works fine now.

16 May 2017  |  13:50

I had the same issue printing fading out, follow the recommendation and changed the batteries, it works like new. Thanks

17 May 2017  |  14:53

Thank you! I've had my Dymo Letra Tag label maker for years. I changed the batteries and it is printing perfectly. I was going to buy a new one, but now I don't have to.

11 June 2017  |  15:43

Have had my Dymo Letra Tag for so many years that I can't even remember when I bought it. This was the 1st problem I've ever had. Changed the batteries and cleaned the head with a little rubbing alcohol - now it works perfectly once again.

08 July 2017  |  0:22

Awesome! I was searching "how to replace the ink" since my Dymo labeler was too faded to see, then the batteries died. Saw this post, and wa..laa! It works perfectly again. I am so grateful because I had bought several extra cartridges, and I thought "What a waste!" Thank you so much!

11 July 2017  |  23:02

Absolutely correct fix! My labeler was printing faded labels, I replaced batteries and now it has bright bold letters again.

27 August 2017  |  22:47

Googled what to do to fix the ink. Put new batteries in and it works like new. Thanks

25 October 2017  |  16:25

Thanks - worked like a dream. As simple as changing the batteries and now as good as new

Patricia A. Henisse
26 October 2017  |  20:50

Thank you for posting this! I changed the batteries and my Dymo Labelmaker prints like a pro!

28 October 2017  |  18:52

Awesome! I thought I needed new ink....but after reading this, I opened up the battery compartment, and one battery was leaking. After cleaning it up and installing fresh batteries, it's working perfectly! Thanks.

18 November 2017  |  18:53

Changing batteries worked for me lol!

21 November 2017  |  23:02

This was the exact problem and replacing batteries fixed it! Thank you!

24 November 2017  |  19:26

Duh! Didnít know it even had batteries because I have had it a LONG TIME and never had a problem. What a great product...

04 December 2017  |  22:23

had the same faded print problem. changed the batteries and it IMMEDIATELY fixed the print quality. Thanks for the FAQ solution

13 December 2017  |  9:59

Thank you! Such a simple fix, it did cross my mind to replace them but reading these posts nudged me to try it and perfect! The printing is crystal clear again. Love my Dymo!

Holly Fish
24 December 2017  |  16:31

Had my 2000 model for many years but hadnít used in 3 years...letters printing out unevenly ďinkedĒ; read this forum, changed the 6 batteries....VOILA! Prints like new! Great product, hope I can still buy cartridges for it!

Gramma Carol
16 January 2018  |  16:15

Thanks for the info.
I googled my problem, my labeler was producing ink-less labels. I was looking to see how to change or replace the ink cartridge. I read your advice about batteries. I changed the batteries and Voila! It works great now. Thanks for being in Google-land!

Roger Tanjuakio
26 January 2018  |  1:02

It worked perfectly again when I changed all batteries

30 January 2018  |  15:59

It worked great for me. New batteries fixed it. It would be nice if it gave you the battery level or an alert when it got too low.

01 February 2018  |  8:01

Worked a treat, thanks. I love it when you can google up a solution and it works!

03 March 2018  |  15:09

Changing the batteries worked for me. Thanks

Diane Greve
19 March 2018  |  0:54

I tried your advice and changed my batteries out of my label maker and now it works great.. Thanks so much..

08 April 2018  |  22:27

This totally worked for me! :)

14 April 2018  |  11:30

thank you!! I tried all the cleaning videos on Youtube and yes...you are right...it was the batteries! All back to Clear Black now.

26 April 2018  |  19:00

Worked for me too!!😁

Dave B
26 June 2018  |  11:01

Who would have guessed that low batteries would cause faded printing?
But it does and my LetraTag is back up to speed.
But a low battery warning on the display would be a better way .

18 August 2018  |  19:57

Wow, thanks! I thought my son broke it and kept trying different settings. Wish I had found this sooner because I probably wasted half the tape in troubleshooting.

Michelle Munoz
25 August 2018  |  14:19

Changed batteries and it works like a charm. Yay!

Mark Reed
01 September 2018  |  5:14

Your explanation cannot be right. I have bought two different types of batteries, all new. For all of them, the letters come up on the screen and the label ďprintsĒ, but there is no lettering at all on the label, not even faint. What is the problem with your product?

01 September 2018  |  8:21

Well clearly everyone else who replied above to say it fixed their problem would disagree with you. Clearly the explanation IS right. However, as you mention this is a fix for *faded* text, and you are *not* getting faded text. So the problem here is not that the fix doesn't work, but that you are having a different problem. And, as stated above, if you have a different problem you should contact Dymo technical support at www.dymo.com

Hollea Rastall
02 September 2018  |  0:57

yep, it was the battery issue, never thought about it almost bought a new one because of it. going to put a label on it that says that.

30 September 2018  |  9:49

Tried 3 different cartridges was the same on all thought it was cause I had them along time. But decided to google just in case and yay new batteries worked. Thanks so much

14 November 2018  |  1:32

It worked, thank you! Fresh batteries is all it needed. So far so good, Googling on how to fix things makes life so much easier!!

26 November 2018  |  13:45

Replaced the batteries and it worked perfectly!
Thank you!

21 January 2019  |  21:13

Have two of these, both started fading around the same time. Tried swapping fresh batteries to both, using cleaning wand, no change.

Fix was to replace the Label rolls with brand new. Didn't know these could go bad, but that sure seemed to fix both of my Dymo LetraTags.


22 January 2019  |  20:27

Worked for me, replaced the batteries and tada.. thanks for saving me from buying a new unit!!

Dixie Lu
23 January 2019  |  22:27

Admin, can the rechargeable battery pack be the culprit? Do they occasionally need replacing? I've been using the same one in my model 5200 for at least the last ten years. It takes and holds a full charge so I wouldn't have suspected a problem with the battery. Also, I only have the letter fading issue with the vinyl tape, the yellow nylon tape prints out crisp and clear.

Tech Support
24 January 2019  |  9:19

Hi - Different printer, different problem. Try turning the power up for Vinyl labels - Fading or broken print on Vinyl labels

05 March 2019  |  14:55

Worked for me. ALSO I discovered in the process that rechargeable batteries seem to have a VERY short lifetime powering the label maker, as in maybe half a dozen labels!

Amy Dale
17 March 2019  |  2:03

I have had my LetraTag "wide style" for 12-14 years. I started having this problem and replaced the batteries with some in our battery stash. Was still printing faded. Wasnt sure if they were actually NEW batteries or not, so I went and got NEW set batteries out of a box and it was working like normal. YAY! THANKS FOR THE INFO!

19 March 2019  |  14:47

Perfect - Like it's brand new again. Thanks!

22 April 2019  |  13:32

Googled the issue I had which was faded ink when printing and came across this changed the batteries and sure enough works better! I use it a lot for my jewelry sale labels, cream and baking sale labels as well so the batteries were ready to be changed! Thanks for the info

08 May 2019  |  0:02

Wow!! Thanks for the tip - had my Dymo for probably 10 yrs now and didn't use it a lot lately. Just printed a label and ink was very blotchy so I went to the handy internet to see how to replace ink.... and was pleasantly surprised there was no ink to replace, but only batteries! Replaced the batteries and it's like new!!! Thanks!!!

15 May 2019  |  0:11

This worked for me! Thanks for the tip. I have owned my Dymo label maker for probably about 15 years. I absolutely LOVE it. I was afraid it was time to buy a new one.

31 August 2019  |  20:06

works perfectly now!

23 November 2019  |  13:56

Hardly to believe, but it is true. Changing the batteries did the trick ! Thanks, good tip. There is also a short video with good tips for cleaning the head and roll. Thanks for sharing.

Leeanne Dunlop
25 December 2019  |  9:34

It Really WAS the batteries!!

10 January 2020  |  17:21

Was the batteries on mine as well. I have had this for YEARS and have never changed the batteries. LOL

12 February 2020  |  21:21

Worked for me! No wonder I couldn't find replacement ink cartridges in the store!

04 March 2020  |  14:00

I was looking online for replacement ink as well and couldn't find any, lol. My label maker was printing with the top of the letters cut off, so I went and changed all 6 AAA batteries and it is now printing like it's supposed to. Easy fix! Thanks

Trisha Copeland
18 March 2020  |  21:55

Wow...worked GREAT for me! I don't know how long I've had the label maker but the batteries in it EXPIRED in 2015. LOL Thanks for the quick and easy solution!

Kevin G
20 May 2020  |  4:44

Thanks - Phew! A life saver solution to a frustrating problem!

Barbara Dart
29 September 2020  |  17:43

Perfect solution!

26 October 2020  |  12:06

I was having issues with my LetraTag label maker cutting off the top portion of my letters each time I printed a tag. I cleaned the inside with the cleaning brush inside the lid and even used a cotton swab with alcohol plus I installed new batteries as suggested here and online. I was still having the same issue each time I pushed the print button. I finally changed the cartridge to another one and it worked like new. Whew. Almost bought a new one. Thank goodness it works again. My LetraTag is very well used and I've had it for years!

06 November 2020  |  11:00

Fantastic! Worked a dream. Would never have thought of it (stupidly). It's always something obvious and simple. Thank you

Hazel Moskun
21 March 2021  |  1:46

Worked perfectly. Thanks for the info.

16 May 2021  |  17:42

thanks for the info - changed the batteries and noticed expiry date on the batteries was 2012 - I think these were the original batteries and I have been using it probably weekly since 2008. Works perfectly again.

05 October 2021  |  23:26

It worked perfectly! I was very surprised but I'm glad!

21 October 2021  |  8:58

Brilliant fix. So easy, I was about to throw it out, but decided to Google, just in case. Changed batteries and now it's as good as new. Thank you.

06 December 2021  |  23:03

My problem was no printing at all, had some cheap batteries in for 2 years. Changed the batteries and know working perfectly again!!
Good to be able to find a answer to my fault

18 March 2022  |  22:03

Brilliant! Printing solid black again now. Thank you so much

19 March 2022  |  19:38

thanks for the valuable tip, label printer was a gift from daughter i.l. 5 years ago.

15 June 2022  |  19:34

Worked like a charm!

18 November 2022  |  10:27

Just worked for me. Replaced the tape, still faded and was considering replacing the unit as I thought the batteries were fine. New set - fixed!

Joseph Nolan
14 January 2023  |  19:09

It worked!!!!! I guess the batteries must've been pretty old considering they were "Radio Shack" brand...lol

09 August 2023  |  15:21

This worked perfectly for me. Thank you!!!

07 March 2024  |  1:22

Worked for me! Just changed the batteries and itís working perfectly again! Thanks for sharing the solution!!