Breaking News 11th March 2021: FIX - Dymo Labelwriter suddenly starts printing blank labels in Win 10


If you noticed that your LabelWriter 450 or Labelwriter Wireless has suddenly started printing blank labels recently then this is likely why - check out this statement on the Dymo website:

"We are sorry to inform you that at the moment we are experiencing some issues with printing from our latest versions of DYMO Software on Windows 10 computers. We would like to confirm that the team is working on fixing it and as a temporary solution, please download DYMO Label Software v.8.5.4"

This issue seems to have occurred suddenly in the last day or so, and the problem is that the printer stops printing labels and instead just ejects blank labels.

Please see full instructions on 2 possible fixes here:

22nd March 2021 - Update:

The following text is now displayed at the top of Dymo's website, and this latest software fixes the issue:

DYMO Software compatibility issues with Microsoft Windows Update.

The latest Windows update has caused some issues with printing blank labels from our software. Our team has been able to fix the issue in DYMO Connect, DYMO Label and DYMO ID (XTL) Software by introducing a new update. In order to run the latest software update in DYMO Connect, please open it, click "Help", "Check for Updates" and download the latest version. Alternatively, you can download the newest version of our software DYMO Connect here. In order to download the latest DYMO Label software update click here, and for DYMO ID software update click here.

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If these links no longer work, or you have problems with the fix, please go directly to the Dymo website -

Note: We are simply informing you of Dymo's suggestion, and any modifications you make to your system based on their solution, or any suggestions below in the comments are at your own risk.  None of them are endorsed by us.

11 March 2021  |  17:47

This issue started happening to our company yesterday. It turns out that any computer that had windows 10 that got auto updated on 3/10/2021 got this problem. It is a security update on window's that affected the computers. We removed the security update on Window's 10 that happened on 03/10/2021 and we are able to print to the Dymo's again, not printing blank anymore.

Rick (XLR8 Services)

11 March 2021  |  18:11

Thanks, that seems like another solution that people can use. Either roll back the update or install the older Dymo software (which we think is better anyway) or wait for Dymo to fix the issue.

11 March 2021  |  20:32

Can't find any update that occurred on 10/03/2021

11 March 2021  |  20:50

Thank you SO much for posting this obvious solution (obvious, but I wouldn't have figured it out without your post). Going back to the last version of Dymo wasn't working for me, but uninstalling the Windows update did. You saved me!

Faseeh Shams
12 March 2021  |  18:45

Thanks for the tip Rick after spending hours I came across your method and it worked!

15 March 2021  |  11:38

yes, this helped! thank you

11 March 2021  |  17:59


11 March 2021  |  18:10

Please note that we are not Dymo, we are a Dymo reseller, so there is nothing we can do to help with this problem other than report that it exists, and that Dymo's fix is to load the older version of the software (from their website not ours).

If you are having problems with Dymo or their website there is unfortunately nothing we can do about that.

18 March 2021  |  7:53

Ti consiglio di riscriverlo in inglese, simao nella pagina GB

18 March 2021  |  8:05

The answer is still the same.

Yosef King
11 March 2021  |  20:00

I cant download the DYMO Label Software v.8.5.4 software the website is timing out

Please email me a download

11 March 2021  |  22:11

We are not Dymo, we're a reseller, we don't have the software. If you are having problems with Dymo's website please contact Dymo, there is nothing we can do about their website.

Josh Bulman
12 March 2021  |  20:44

I had the same problem.
I opened the download link in a new tab and copied the URL before it timed out on me. This is the URL:

I then put that URL in a tab on its own and was able to download it (it was pretty slow).
I hope that helps. Good luck.

Ed Hammond
11 March 2021  |  20:11

Here is the command to roll back the update:
wusa /uninstall /kb:5000802

We are running custom apps that require a specific version of the SDK and we cannot roll back our Dymo software.

18 March 2021  |  21:03

THIS REALLY WORKED!!!! TYSMMMMMM - was struggling for days until I came across this forum!

12 March 2021  |  8:57

I haven't installed the security update in question: still prints black blank labels....Why does MS always mess things up! A billion-pound company that cannot sort simple issues.

Tom Gregor - Ivsoftware, LLC
13 March 2021  |  18:22

This is also affecting the DYMO.Connect.SDK as of the latest version on March 4, 2021. Based on our VM snapshots for Win10 Pro, the last working WinVer we have is OS Build 19041.746 where updating to OS Build 19042.867 breaks it.

13 March 2021  |  19:24

You should report that to Dymo ( as they probably don't read our blog

Duane Calhoun
13 March 2021  |  23:36

Rolling back the Windows March 12, 2021 updates worked for us. Uninstalling Microsoft Windows Update (KB50000802). Thanks for the information. We thought the first label printer just went bad, but when a 2nd & 3rd were reported not working we knew it was more then just a defective printer.

14 March 2021  |  1:33

Thank you for this. I had figured it out based on the timing, but it is nice to have confirmation. In the Dymo fix they mention that installing V 8.5.4 will make address fixer not work. Has address fixer worked for anyone for the last 6 months or so on 8.7?

17 March 2021  |  13:23

Same here, address fixer hasn't worked in version 8.7 for quite some time now. I talked to CS and it sounded like they were permanently disabling it the software (shutting down the server for it). She didn't have a good reason why.
This is very disappointing, as it was a very nice feature that helped speed delivery by adding the plus 4 zip.

14 April 2021  |  12:59

The Dymo connect software is absolutely wretched. Why did they have to mess this up? I would literally not buy a Dymo if I had to use that software. Dymo 8.7 was perfect and the address fixer was so nice.

14 April 2021  |  14:01

There's no need to use the new Connect software if you don't want to. The old software is still on the Dymo website, and we're still using Dymo Label Software 8.7...

15 March 2021  |  12:18

Thank you! Saved my day.

Jason KIM
15 March 2021  |  15:24

go to this website
tried solution 1- Uninstalling the latest Windows update. restart but did not work
tried solution 2- Downloading and installing our DYMO Label Software v.8.5.4.
IT WORKS! Printing label now.
spent a couple of hours to fix.

Sandy Buenzle
17 March 2021  |  20:51

This site was so helpful. I wish I would have found it before I spend hours trying different computers, versions of dymo, usb cables, etc...

Gyu Hyeon Baek
18 March 2021  |  6:45

I have a similar but slightly different problem with our dymo label.
It is not just shooting out the blank labels, but the whole label is colored in black.
does anyone have the same problem?

19 March 2021  |  10:50

@GYU Its the same issue, both my LabelManager PNP and the LabelManager Wireless PNP started to print out black box images instead of labels. I went back to the 8.5.4 software (I prefer V8 over V9) and it resolved the issue. That said there is a fix out for the Connect software but I've not tested it yet.

Jon Emeigh
18 March 2021  |  15:26

Some heroes don't wear capes. Thank you, quick resolution.

19 March 2021  |  17:12

There is a windows update released which resolved this on March 15th which you can download via the catalog
Windows 10 1909 fix
Other versions

Tech Support
23 March 2021  |  10:00

Dymo have now fixed their software, please refer to the update at the start of this page