Troubleshooting: The print is broken or faded on Vinyl tapes, but not others


If the output from your Dymo Rhino 6000 printer onto Vinyl tape looks of poor quality, but the quality is fine when printing on other tapes then you can try increasing the power:

  • Switch the machine off
  • Press and hold the '8' key
  • Press and release the on button
  • Release the '8' key
  • Increase the value to the maximum (1200)

Hopefully the print quality should have improved.

John Campbell
29 July 2015  |  11:13

When trying my 5200 dymo machine for the first time I noticed that the printing was not great on vinyl, so I followed the steps as per troubleshooting advice and hey presto it worked a treat thanks.

Tammy McCreary
19 July 2016  |  20:05

I will type a word in my DYMO 160 and it does not print on the label. It is so faded that you can barely see anything. I was using it and though it printed words it was not great but then it stopped all together.

Tech Support
20 July 2016  |  9:41

That's a completely different problem, and one that's easily solved - get new batteries! (See "Print fading on D1 tape machines")

Bjarne Brokke
20 January 2023  |  9:34

Wow! 8 year old article... but still it was a lifesaver! I have been having this issue, and have been kinda dissapointed with my Dymo Rhino 6000. After performing this adjustment it works like a charm! Thank you so much!!