Troubleshooting: Dymo LabelManager 160 / 210D / 280 printer reports Label jam! error


The LabelManager 160 / 210D / 280 labellers can give a "label Jam!" error, which can be caused by a motor stall or stuck cassette label tape.

Sometimes new tapes, or tape that has been in the machine for a long while, can stick and the motor does not have enough power to turn it. So take out the label cassette and pull out an inch or so of tape with your fingers to make sure that the tape comes out freely.

If you still get a Tape Jam! error, then Dymo recommends manually turning the spindle -

  1. Switch the machine off, but make sure the batteries are inserted
  2. Open the tape compartment
  3. Remove the tape cassette
  4. There is a white button on the right side (location circled), press this and the spindle in the middle (circled) should turn
  5. If it does not turn, then rotate the spindle clockwise 3 or 4 times - this will be quite tough, and you will feel the resistance of the motor
  6. If you press the white button again the motor should now turn

If both of these fail you can try a factory reset, but if that doesn't work either you should return the Dymo 160 as faulty to your supplier (if new), or contact Dymo support ( for a replacement (if still in warranty).

Machines covered by this fix: LM160, LM210D, LM280 label printers.

Tori C Wolohon
12 May 2022  |  19:49

We purchased 2 Dymo Label Manager 160 units. They are brand new out of the box and neither one will work. They both say label jam. I tried both of the fixes listed above and neither work.

13 May 2022  |  6:47

If they are brand new and faulty, then return them to your supplier as faulty.