Troubleshooting: Performing a factory reset on a LabelManager 160 (LM160)


Follow these instructions to perform a factory reset on a LabelManager 160 label printer:

  • switch it off
  • then press and hold backspace button together with '9' and on/off button


30 May 2016  |  1:59

Accidentally selected the wrong language and this was the only way to reset back to english

19 June 2017  |  0:41

Had to google question after I accidentally set the wrong language. RIDICULOUS!!!!!! Wrong info in manual about how to change language.

Harold Edmonds
28 May 2020  |  3:01

This also worked with the 210D, thanks for info.

31 July 2017  |  2:17

The reset works, however:

If you get stuck on a different language, press the Menu button twice. It will be on the "wrench" folder and the first screen is label width. You'll see 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 no matter the language. Arrow down and choose the correct language from that list. Voila!

I accidentally put Estonian and had to experiment.

09 September 2019  |  5:40

The troubleshooting and reset worked great I googled the model & make of the label maker to change the font size bigger and it worked like a charm..Thank you very much ..very pleased as it saved me hours of lab work for my university course . 👏🏼👏🏼👍

Richard Parr
05 October 2019  |  21:23

Worked a treat.

11 February 2021  |  8:12

You can also change the keyboard layout by pressing BACKSPACE + 0 + ON/OFF simultaneously.

04 November 2021  |  3:36

Excellent! The reset instructions worked perfectly on my 280!

06 January 2022  |  17:55

This also fixes the problem if you have the wrong keyboard selected. Some machines have the QWERTY layout, others have the AZERTY layout (depending on region). It has been known for these to come out of the factory with the wrong region set, causing the wrong characters to appear on the screen (such as getting an "A" when you pressed "Q"). In this case, perform a factory reset, then select the appropriate language/region.