Dymo PnP (Plug and Play) software for Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan


The Dymo PnP printer won't work with the new version of the Mac OS C 10.11 "El Capitan", so you will need to install the Dymo Label Light Software v2.1.1:




Note: Dymo Label Light Software is only for use with Dymo PnP machines, not for Dymo Labelwriters.

(You can download the El Capitan driver for LABELWRITERS here)


Roger Peaker
12 October 2015  |  15:33

When will the full software be available to use my Demo PnP with my Mac running El Capitan?

13 October 2015  |  12:15

We have no information on release dates of new drivers. Just that the PnP doesn't work with the 'full' software, just the Label Light software.

15 October 2015  |  19:42

Just had my Dyno 450 duo delivered, and it won't work with the full software nor will it with the light software. Full software v8 says drivers are to be installed again, light software does not recognize the printer...

16 October 2015  |  8:15

The light software is ONLY for PnP machines, it does not work with LabelWriters (I will amend description above to make that clear). Make sure you've downloaded the latest Mac driver (for Yosemite) as that should work with El Capitan. If not contact tech support on helpdesk@dymo.com

Doug Pearson
09 November 2015  |  21:17

I downloaded demo label light. It's not what I want or need for my Dymo Label maker 400 on El Capitan. I can't enter data in a label, nor can I print. The message I receive is that there are no labels.

Tech Support
09 November 2015  |  22:56

As stated above, the Light software IS FOR USE ***ONLY*** WITH DYMO PNP PRINTERS - it is NOT for Dymo Labelwriters.

Michael Kleper
02 January 2017  |  18:56

I downloaded the latest software, but the cursor does not appear, so I can not input any text. I tried on two different computers. Same result. What is the solution?

03 January 2017  |  8:35

Please contact Dymo technical support via the Dymo website.

De Vos Christian
14 January 2017  |  16:00

I have the same problem. I installed Sierra (MacOS) and the cursor dissapeared. I cannot insert text. So it has become useless.

16 January 2017  |  9:56

Then download the Sierra driver!

01 December 2015  |  10:20

I have a DYMO PNP LabelManager. Neither the full version of the software nor the Light version are able to use the PNP printer. The full version cannot see the printer at all & the light version sends a print job, but nothing prints. I have tried several different cart's & the same results. Any thoughts ?

01 December 2015  |  12:17

It should work with the Light software, so if it's not please contact technical support - helpdesk@dymo.com

17 December 2015  |  20:06

Demo phone support did not know that there are apparently some issues with the software! Spend day at the postoffice to return PnD and get a "repaired" one back. Please update you support instructions to include checking of software. Damon is apparently not in software business....Not a good experience.

Tech Support
04 January 2016  |  14:44

We are not Dymo. We are perfectly well aware of the problem, which is the point of this post, but if Dymo are not please tell them, not us.

21 February 2016  |  12:12

Thanks for making this available. If only Dymo were so helpful!
I wasted loads of tape before I found this info.

02 March 2016  |  18:47

Great! it worked.
Thank you very much for the mac drivers. Dymo PNP working now!! Hooray!

J Lewis
15 October 2016  |  23:06

I need software for Dymo PnP. I am running Mac OS Sierra version 10.12.

Alberto Martinez
04 November 2016  |  20:10

Did you ever get it to work with Mac OS Sierra? I as well have a LabelWriter 400 and it won't read it.

I install latest software and PnP (i know is not for LabelWriters, but I had to try).

Tech Support
07 November 2016  |  8:53

Why? Why did you have to try it? It specifically says, in big bold yellow highlighted text that this software only works on the PnP and does not work on LabelWriters, so what was the point in trying it? Did you think that this different software for a different machine would just magically work on your machine even after being specifically told that it didn't? Perhaps instead you should have clicked the link, directly underneath the warning, that takes you to the LabelWriter driver / software page - because that page *does* have a link to the LabelWriter Sierra driver...

Lucie Dornan
03 January 2017  |  16:23


i have a Demo labelManager Pnp and am running Mac OS Sierra Version 10.12.1, i d not suppose you have any downloads that will work with this, at present i have the text box but it won't let me type in the box... thanks in advance.

Tech Support
04 January 2017  |  12:29

This version supports Sierra - www.dymo-label-printers.co.uk/news/dymo-labelwriter-mac-os-x-v1012-sierra-driver-and-software.html

28 May 2017  |  18:00


I have been reading your pages for a while now, but I am still stuck. Bought a "LabelManager PnP" today. It's still advertised by Dymo on their webpage, so I figured it would be supported...

My Mac runs El Capitan, and I won't be able to change that, it's a fleet device.

I downloaded the above softwareand installed it, but upon plugging in the printer, it only briefly appears in the Finder, then vanishes.
The system log can be summarised as "printer not supported".

I then grabbed the full Dymo software for El Capitan which you offer in one of the other pages here - in the hope that perhaps a driver component in there might lead to the printer to be dealt with successfully.

No such luck, although the system messages have changed. It now really tries to make it work, but complains about "IO failures" and goes into a loop.

Would you know whether the Dymo LabelManager PnP is *supposed* to work under El Capitan? And if so, have I missed anything from your help pages?

I *would* go and try Dymo directly as you tirelessly remind irate users to do, alas... the Dymo website since this morning only gives out error messages.

So, ummm, while we are here - if you could suggest a similar product that will work with a Mac (Brother only does Windows) and is less than £100, I would be very interested in any suggestions...

Thank you very much!

Tech Support
30 May 2017  |  8:50

According to Dymo tech support, the PnP should work with El Capitan with either Lite (2.1.2) or the full version (8.6.1)

Though the software must be run from the Mac itself, because of the file system it is for some reason not possible to update the software on the PnP itself.

The Dymo website seems ok now, but if you're still having problems their tech support number (UK) is 0203 564 8354.