Dymo LabelWriter Mac OS X v10.11 El Capitan driver and software


DYMO LabelWriter Software v8.5.2 for Mac OS X

Below is the latest version of the Dymo Label Software and Drivers for Yosemite and El Capitan upgrade.

Full labelling capability, including printing barcodes and printing from address lists. Now includes printing wirelessly to the LabelManager Wireless PnP label printer. Compatible with all DYMO PC-connected LabelWriter and LabelManager label printers.


  • Mac OS X 10.10 ("Yosemite")
  • Mac OS X 10.11 ("El Capitan")



DOWNLOAD 8.5.2 (Yosemite) HERE

DOWNLOAD 8.5.3 (El Capitan) HERE

NEW: DOWNLOAD 8.5.4 (Sierra) HERE


If you have any problems with this new driver from Dymo, please contact Dymo technical support - www.dymo.com

JŁrgen Schwarzbach
06 December 2015  |  9:00

Sorry - my laserwriter 450 is not working using this driver 8.5.2 and al capitan. Please let me know, what i have to do, getting the printer to work.

06 December 2015  |  9:48

The answer is above...

26 March 2021  |  17:10

Do you have one that works with Big sur please? It's saying incompatible with the available ones

26 March 2021  |  17:20

Please see Dymo's website (www.dymo.com) for the latest drivers

04 January 2016  |  14:12

Installation for driver Labelwriter 400 for Macintosh cannot be finished. I cannot undo installation.
Please help.

04 January 2016  |  14:37

The anwser is above...

20 June 2016  |  15:31

The answer is not above. I'm trying to install 8.5.3 from your link above and it freezes while running package scripts. It says install time remaining: About a minute for hours. It never stops.

20 June 2016  |  16:08

"If you have any problems with this new driver from Dymo, please contact Dymo technical support - www.dymo.com"... as above.

04 January 2016  |  21:03

The link DOWNLOAD 8.5.3 HERE installs version 8.2.95.

Tech Support
05 January 2016  |  10:12

The link has been amended, please try now.

Robert Dunn
06 June 2016  |  10:15

I have been using Dymo Label 8.5.2 with a LabelWriter 450 and OS X El Capitan ver: 10.11.03 with no problems for months up to yesterday.
Yesterday I installed Dymo Label 8.5.2 and a LabelWriter 4XL (again using OS X El Capitan ver: 10.11.03), now NOTHING WORKS!!
I then downloaded Dymo Label 8.5.3 and tried again, Iíve de-installed, re-installed and tried every combination of printer and driver I can - all have failed!!
Dymo Label installs, but I canít get either the 450 or the 4XL to function.
As soon as I try to print a label there is an error. In OS X System Preferences, the printer list for the Dymo printers turns from Green to Amber with an Error flag.
To make matters worse Iíve now lost all my previous 450 labels!!
Can you please assist?

06 June 2016  |  11:02

For all driver/software related queries please contact Dymo technical support: http://www.dymo.com/en-GB/online-support-contact-us

10 October 2016  |  11:46

Hi, is there an update for Mac OS Sierra 10.12?

Tech Support
10 October 2016  |  13:03

Yes, please see this link: