Dymo LabelWriter Mac OS X v10.10 Yosemite driver and software


DYMO LabelWriter Software v8.5.2 for Mac OS X

Below is the latest version of the Dymo Label Software and Drivers, suitable for the new Yosemite upgrade.

Full labelling capability, including printing barcodes and printing from address lists. Now includes printing wirelessly to the LabelManager Wireless PnP label printer. Compatible with all DYMO PC-connected LabelWriter and LabelManager label printers.

Supports Mac OS X 10.10 ("Yosemite")

Update 05-SEP-2015: Also appears to work with "El Capitan" (public beta)



DOWNLOAD 8.5.2 (Yosemite) HERE

NEW: DOWNLOAD 8.5.3 (El Capitan) HERE

NEW: DOWNLOAD 8.5.4 (Sierra) HERE



If you have any problems with this new driver from Dymo, please contact Dymo technical support - helpdesk@dymo.com

David Jordens
19 November 2014  |  13:34

labelwriter 310 '90794' not compatible with mac yosemite?

Tech Support
19 November 2014  |  14:22

The Yosemite drivers and software only support these models:

LW 450 series (including Duo, Twin)
LW 400 series (including Duo, Twin)
LW 320 (90892, 93031 & 93036)

20 January 2015  |  12:40

bjr , qd j'install dymo labelwriter 320 mon mac ne le reconnais pas
je travaille sur mac OS yosemite 10.10.1
pourtant le driver est bien installé
merci de votre reponse

Tech Support
26 January 2015  |  8:46

est-ce l'un de ces trois modèles ? 90892 , 93031 ou 93036. Si non, alors comme indiqué précédemment , il ne fonctionnera pas avec Yosemite . Se il est alors contacter le support technique Dymo sur l'adresse email ci-dessus.

11 January 2016  |  22:38

i just by a MAC OS X yosemite
version10.10. 1 and I cannot download my DYMO Labelwriter 320 on this MAC
Please tell me how I can do?
best regards

12 January 2016  |  8:55

If you have any problems with this new driver from Dymo, please contact Dymo technical support - helpdesk@dymo.com

Alex Worrall
19 April 2015  |  14:19

hi I've installed the latest mac software for a dymo 400 series turbo label printer but now it says i need a driver- - where can i find a driver- the original cd is long since lost and all i seem to see are windows driver

12 January 2016  |  10:50

Is it still the case that LabelWriter 310 '90794' is not supported?

I'm running Mac OS X El Capitan, v10.11.2 and have just installed Dymo Label Software v8.5.2 but I cannot get the label writer to appear in the Mac Printer List.

Is there a way to fix this?

Tech Support
12 January 2016  |  11:28

The models that are no longer supported will still not be supported in the future. The new operating systems simply do not recognise the chipsets in these very old machines.

Judy Ryan
30 November 2014  |  13:06

Hi there, I installed the above programme as my 320 label writer want working when I upgraded my MAC, but now it says I need to install the printer for the labelWriter. I don't have anyway of doing this as I have no CD for this label writer anymore as it is very old, but still very good. Can you help me please.
Many thanks

01 December 2014  |  11:13

Please contact Dymo support on helpdesk@dymo.com

Richard Sloan
04 December 2014  |  20:03

I have a LabelWriter 450 that I had used to print stamps using Endicia. Now that I have upgraded to Yosemite 10.10.1 OS, I can no longer print stamps. Please tell me what I need to do.

05 December 2014  |  8:55

We do not use Endicia in this country, if you're having problems with it please contact Dymo tech support on helpdesk@dymo.com

Gayle Slonim
26 January 2015  |  4:35

My mac book pro laptop OS10 yosemite
is not recognising the download file to update my dymo label writer 400

Tech Support
26 January 2015  |  8:52

If you're unable to download or install the software please contact Dymo tech support on helpdesk@dymo.com

28 March 2015  |  23:00

i have a dymo label writer 320 and it no longer works with iMac or macbook air ver. 10.10. I've downloaded all the latest drivers, and it still will not work. Please Help

29 March 2015  |  10:37

As already stated, the Yosemite drivers and software only support these three LW320 models: 90892, 93031 & 93036. If it's not one of those models then it simply won't work. If it is one of those models and you still can't get it to work then, as already stated several times, please contact Dymo Support at helpdesk@dymo.com as they are the only people that can help with driver compatibility issues.

Dave Ketan
26 January 2015  |  14:37


26 January 2015  |  14:45

Sorry, don't really understand your question/point...? If you're looking for the Yosemite driver for the LW450 then click on the download link at the top of the page.

01 February 2015  |  17:35

I'm a bit taken aback by the fact that your updated software does not seem to include my LabelWriter 320 Model no. 90795.
From your French reply, I take it you DO have a solution? I sent an e-mail to helpdesk@dymo.com, but am a bit surprised that your update only includes certain models…

02 February 2015  |  8:39

Just to clarify a few things. We are not Dymo. This is not "our" driver. We are a reseller that is providing a link to Dymo's new Mac driver in order to be helpful. We have no control over which models are supported or not supported and can't provide any fix or technical support as we have no access to Dymo's driver code. If for whatever reason you can't get the driver to work, or your machine is not supported then please contact Dymo. Also, I'm unsure why you are so surprised that your printer is not supported - it must be about 10 years old. Some of the very old models are not supported under windows 7 and later because Microsoft stopped supporting the chipset in the OS, we assume that the same models are no longer supported by the latest Mac drivers for a similar reason.

Nick T
18 August 2015  |  13:02

So the lesson here is: Don't buy another Dymo Label Printer because history shows that they will not maintain support for it.

My Labelwriter works just great but I can't use it because there is not an updated driver for Yosemite.

Tech Support
18 August 2015  |  15:02

THIS is the Yosemite driver, so Dymo clearly ARE supporting new releases of operating system for both Apple and Microsoft. That includes very old models such as the LW320 which was discontinued over 5 or 6 years ago.

The problem with other, very old, printers not working with the new drivers is because Microsoft (and it seems like Apple as well) stopped supporting some of the old chipsets used in some of the old machines.

So if the Operating System no longer supports a specific chipset that is used in very old hardware, then the driver cannot be made to work with that chipset.

ie. It's not a case of Dymo not bothering to support ancient products, it's simply that it can't be made to work. Or at least that is our understanding of the situation.

Philip Metcalfe
24 August 2015  |  19:26

Thanks guys a great help. My newly purchased Dymo labelwriter shipped with a cd of version 8.3. This did not work with my MacBook Pro running Yosemite so off to Google and found you!
The above download worked flawlessly.
Little help on Dymo (per se) site although this update is available no explanation that it is for Yosemite.
Other comments re Dymo (who I will be writing to!):
MacBooks are no longer built with a CD reader so why provide the software in this format - I happen to have an external Apple CD drive .
Why do Dymo not provide a link to, and advise using, the latest software?
Lastly, more worrying, Apple are beta testing the next OS El Capitan, this presumably will be for full release in the Autumn, BUT are the Dymo developers aware of this and testing the software and drivers for this NOW or will we all be left high and dry again?

I appreciate your independent non "Dymo" role and will contact Dymo directly on this but in the meantime thanks once again for getting me up and running.

05 September 2015  |  8:34

@Philip: just tested the Dymo Software on my Macbook Air running the latest El Capitan public beta. Works fine.
Regards, Andreas

Alan Bailey
07 October 2015  |  14:29

My Labelmanager PNP is not seen by the latest version of the Dymo label software on OSX El Capitan. Label lite that is on the printers storage see's and prints to the printer but no text is written to the labels. This was the same in Yosemite although Dymo v8.5.2 worked in Yosemite.

Tech Support
07 October 2015  |  15:13

Well it looks like compatibility with El Capitan Beta is somewhat hit and miss at the moment... But remember, this is the Yosemite version of the software. I'm sure there'll be another one when El Capitan is released.

Ian Giles
08 October 2015  |  19:37

El Capitan is now public and having updated my MBP I am no longer able to use my Label Manager PnP. I get the same symptoms as Alan Bailey. When will you be releasing drivers that work under El Capitan as I need to use my labeller!

Tech Support
09 October 2015  |  9:51

For the PnP you will need to use the latest Label Light software, details here:

Dymo Pnp El Capitan

05 March 2016  |  3:20

I have a Mac OSx Version 10.6.8
I purchased the Dymo LabelManager 280 and it won't print from my computer, it tells me that the "label being printed does not match the width of the label tape." But they do match. What should I do?

Tech Support
05 March 2016  |  10:14

If you have any problems with this new driver from Dymo, please contact Dymo technical support - helpdesk@dymo.com