Windows 10 fix for Dymo Labelwriter Software


The latest Dymo Software for LabelWriters (8.5.1) is supposed to work with Windows 10, but there seem to be a lot of issues with the software freezing during startup.  But this is a "known issue", and it has a known (and simple) fix:

  • Right-click on DYMO Label v8 desktop icon
  • Select Properties
  • Select Compatibility
  • Select "Run in compatibility mode with Windows 7"
  • Press Apply
  • Press OK

A new version of the software is "in progress", but until then these simple steps will get rid of the freezing issue.

Note: This is a specific fix for this specific problem. If you do not have this specific problem then this specific fix will not fix it.  So please don't apply this fix to a completely different problem and then complain that the fix "doesn't work".

If you are having a different problem, or in your case this fix did not fix this specific problem, then please contact Dymo Technical Support via the Dymo website -

Rex Sandbach
07 December 2015  |  16:10

This fix doesn't work. Tried various 'compatibility' settings but the same 'cannot create instance' error occurred.

Tech Support
07 December 2015  |  16:17

This fix fixes the 'freezing at startup' problem only, not any other problems or errors.

Juan Dominguez
28 July 2017  |  20:24

I'm trying to make my 4XL work with this fixes but it stills says "error with the printer"

31 July 2017  |  9:11


14 November 2017  |  6:50

So in the meantime what am I supposed to do with a Dymo 4xl that cost me close to $200 for my business that now no longer works because I have a new computer that only uses Windows 10?? Mine actually gives a message that there is an error with the USB and it that Windows does not recognize it. Is there something wrong with the cord or is it the Windows 10? Please help, I am truly at my wits end without this label maker working after only buying it in January

14 November 2017  |  15:50

Well I don't know, what did Dymo Technical Support say when you asked them?

Terry Harding
04 July 2019  |  19:00

tried your fix still no printers found on my computer

05 July 2019  |  7:40

Well why would there be? As is clearly plastered all over this page this is a fix for - AND ONLY FOR - software that freezes at startup. Why would you think, having read ANY of the information on this page that a specific fix for freezing software - AND ONLY freezing software - would fix the problem of your printer not being found? Which part of "this specific fix fixes this specific problem only, and not any other problems" are you - and apparently everybody else judging by the other comments - failing to comprehend? If your car had a flat tyre would you follow the "how to replace a broken taillight" fix and then complain your tyre was still flat?

John Dustman
14 January 2018  |  9:45

My Dymo software gives me repeated windows error windows of OUT OF MEMORY and PARAMETER INVALID.

I have deleted the software, reinstalled it, updated Java, etc...

Gary Thonerfelt
27 November 2018  |  22:41

switch from "recently printed labels" to "saved labels", something wrong in the "recently printed labels" queue...We have 2 computers here doing the same thing, it's a buffer overrun. Dymo hasn't printed any way to fix it, but switching to "saved labels fixed our issues with the software, may be specific to the latest windows 10 build...

Jim P
18 December 2018  |  23:30

Thank you Gary - this helped an identical situation for me!

Nick T
02 July 2020  |  11:12

These People here are so dumb lol u wrote like 6.000 times that its only a fix fot the specific freeze problem and they still continue sayin that it is not working for any others. Seems they arent be able to read properly.

14 October 2020  |  0:10

Hi there, i've got a 1994 Suzuki Grand Vitara and when I try and start it, it makes a clucking noise like a chicken, I followed your steps but no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

14 October 2020  |  7:39

lol, you should totally try this fix, I mean it's worth a try right? If it doesn't work, you can always come back and complain about how rubbish the fix is...