FAQ: Why is delivery to Northern Ireland so expensive?

Why is delivery to Northern Ireland so expensive?

We often hear the argument that delivery to Northern Ireland should be the same as the rest of the UK as the post office doesn't charge any extra for delivery.  But we don't use the post office to ship our parcels, we use couriers.

All our delivery charges are based on what we are charged by our courier to that location.  Unfortunately, they charge a lot to ship to remote locations like the Scottish Highlands & Islands and to Northern Ireland than they do to the UK Mainland.

But Northern Ireland does still seem to be more expensive than you would expect, given that delivery to the Republic of Ireland is cheaper.  We have queried this apparent anomaly with our courier and the reason is apparently that all Northern Ireland parcels go across to Republic of Ireland first, and are then sent across the border to Northern Ireland.

So hopefully that explains why Northern Ireland customers are charged more than other UK customers, and also why it is more expensive than RoI.



16 July 2018  |  11:01

Maybe you should choose a different courier as many now charge the same to deliver to NI

17 July 2018  |  9:57

Yes, but our current courier is by far the cheapest for mainland deliveries, so it would make no sense to change couriers for the tiny tiny percentage of NI deliveries, and nor would it make sense to use 2 different couriers.

We still get plenty of orders from NI, so presumably the total cost of the order is still cheaper even with expensive delivery.

If you're not ordering enough to make the delivery charge worthwhile, then perhaps just order the labels from NI?