Vista / Windows 7 Upgrade offer for Dymo 310 / 320 / 330 Labelwriters


Vista / Windows 7 Upgrade offer for Dymo 310 / 320 / 330 Labelwriters

Background on labelwriter 310, 320 & 330 problems

The Dymo Labelwriter 300 series are very old printers, they have long since been discontinued and were replaced with the labelwriter 400 series - which themselves were discontinued early this year and replaced by the new 450 series.

The problem is that the labelwriters are a) very useful, and b) last for donkey's years!

While other peripherals become outdated - or break - within a couple of years and need to be replaced, these highly reliable printers just keep going, and going and going. So while most devices of this age have long since been binned there is still a large installed base of these ancient (in electronic terms) label machines out there that are still getting regular usage. And they still work as well as they did all those years ago, so people are reluctant to replace a perfectly good piece of kit.

But we've now had 2 new Microsoft operating systems released in the last few years, and these are radically different from the OS's that the Dymo 320 etc were built for. The new Vista drivers and Windows 7 drivers from Dymo support both the 400 and 450 series printers, and also certain models of the 310, 320 and 330's. The list of supported models can be found on the driver pages here - Vista driver / Windows 7 driver.

However, certain model numbers (you can find the model number on the sticker on the bottom of your machine, it's typically a 5 digit code) are simply not supported by the new drivers. Apparently there is some technical reason why they just can't be made to work (we believe Microsft discontinued support for the USB chipset used by some of the 300 series), so owners of unsupported dymo 320 / 330 / 310 devices can't use them with Vista or Windows 7. Unfortunately, it is as simple as that. There is no driver; there is no workaround (that we know of, but if you found one please let us know!).

What to do if you have an unsupported LW300 Series

So, if you have a supported model number then simply download the drivers using the links above, but if you have an unsupported labelwriter 320, 330 or 310 then basically it's just not going to work.

You should report it to the manufacturer at (helpdesk [at] dymo [dot] com) to see if they have any suggestions or solutions for you.

If they are unable to help and your machine is not on the supported list then basically there is no solution we are aware of to get it working with Windows 7.

APRIL 2015 - NEW customer submitted Network/WIFI solution for unsupported printers

There is a potential new solution for customers with unsupported models, which uses a wifi printer server to allow connection to Windows 8 based PCs (and possibly Windows 7 as well), just click here for the Windows 8 / LW320 solution.

Ove Eriksson
15 October 2015  |  12:13

My 320 printer will not work with windows 7 ??
What to do ?

15 October 2015  |  12:33

Try reading the paragraph above with the title "What to do if you have an unsupported LW300 Series"...