Troubleshooting: Dymo Labelwriter prints blank labels or advances incorrectly


Breaking News 11th March 2021: 

Dymo have put up a notice on their website that says the following, "We are sorry to inform you that at the moment we are experiencing some issues with printing from our latest versions of DYMO Software on Windows 10 computers"

This issue seems to have occurred suddenly and presents itself as "printing blank labels", and is unrelated to this article (ejecting more than one label when one is printed), but we have updated this page for your information. 

You can see full details of Dymo's 2 possible fixes here:

22nd March 2021 - Update:

The following text is now displayed at the top of Dymo's website, and this latest software fixes the issue:

DYMO Software compatibility issues with Microsoft Windows Update.

The latest Windows update has caused some issues with printing blank labels from our software. Our team has been able to fix the issue in DYMO Connect, DYMO Label and DYMO ID (XTL) Software by introducing a new update. In order to run the latest software update in DYMO Connect, please open it, click "Help", "Check for Updates" and download the latest version. Alternatively, you can download the newest version of our software DYMO Connect here. In order to download the latest DYMO Label software update click here, and for DYMO ID software update click here.

Informacja w języku polskim, Informazioni in Italiano, Information på svenska, Información en español.

If these links no longer work, or you have problems with the fix, please go directly to the Dymo website -

(Original article below, this is for a different issue)

If your Labelwriter prints one or more blank labels before / after / in between correctly printed labels, or the labels to not align correctly (printing starts or stops in the middle of a label) then you first need to isolate the cause of the problem:

  1. Press the feed button on the front of your LabelWriter printer.  If it advances more then one label, or it does not advance a full label,  then it is most likely caused by a label issue.  In this case confirm that the labels have been loaded correctly, and also that you are using genuine Dymo labels.  The most common cause of this problem is using "compatible" labels.  These are not recommended as A) they are known to cause jamming issues, and B) they can cause the labels to feed incorrectly. It could also be a faulty/dirty sensor in the printer.

  2. If you press the feed button and only one label advances (as is expected), then it is most likely an incorrect setting in the DYMO Label Software (DLS) or within your third party application.

  • Open DLS and create a new label. Verify you are selecting the correct label from the list otherwise the LabelWriter may print or form feed incorrectly. You should now see a completely blank label on screen. From the Designer/Insert tab, place an address or text object on the label, enter some text, and print one label. If the LabelWriter prints one label then the problem is in the format of the label template you were previously trying to print with. Try designing a new label template to resolve the problem.

  • If you are printing from a third party application and the LabelWriter is advancing more than one label at a time or printing incorrectly, you may have incorrect paper settings specified. To help verify this, print a label from DLS. DLS is configured to properly print to all DYMO LabelWriter label sizes. If the LabelWriter prints correctly from DLS but not from the third party application, you’ll need to contact the software vendor to help resolve the issue.

If this does not fix your problem, please contact Dymo via their website:

Jon Hodges
21 April 2016  |  19:50

450 Twin Turbo sometimes advances one, sometimes advances three or four labels from the button press. WHY IS THIS SCENARIO NOT DEALT WITH IN THIS ARTICLE?

Tech Support
22 April 2016  |  8:22

It is dealt with - "Press the feed button on the front of your LabelWriter printer. IF IT ADVANCES MORE THAN ONE LABEL... then it is most likely caused by a label issue". If you are using genuine Dymo labels and still getting this problem please contact Dymo technical support, as it could be a problem with the sensor.

Rosie Hayman
01 July 2019  |  9:10

My 450 Turbo LabelWriter has done this before. I pulled the cable out the back and put it back in again. It immediately sorted out the problem.

Ed Servello
28 June 2016  |  5:03

My problem with continuous label feeding on a Turbo 400 was resolved by removing the front cover and re-seating the flexible paper sensor cable at the controller board using a small needle nose pliers.

Tech Support
28 June 2016  |  12:07

Hi, thanks for that, hopefully it may help others with a similar problem.

Kevin Browning
20 November 2019  |  13:43

This worked for me as well. It seemed too awkward trying to go around the sensor with everything else attached, so I unscrewed the 4 screws attaching the top part of the label maker for more access to the plug. This made it much easier. Great care needs to be taken reinstalling the plug to be sure that you don't inadvertently bend one of the 4 pins that it plugs into. They are small and it does take a little force to reinstall.

Kasey Odom
09 November 2016  |  22:03

What does reseating the flexible paper sensor cable mean? I'm having the same issue and wasting so many labels :(.


Tech Support
10 November 2016  |  10:56

It means when you take the cover off, find the paper sensor cable then disconnect and reconnect it. Please note if your machine is in warranty this will void it, so follow the warranty replacement route first, especially if you don't know what you're doing.

13 January 2017  |  19:55

thanks!! tried it; easy to do, fixed the problem.

Michael Fernandez
25 April 2017  |  23:12

This fixed my issue had my first label feed upside down glad I looked here before taking anything back to the store.

R Smith
08 December 2016  |  15:36

This is an incredibly frustrating issue.
1. I am using Dymo labels -- 3.5 x 1 1/8
2. I ensured the labels are fed properly (on the wheel correctly, and correct tape feed side).
3. Whenever I put in a label to feed, it advances about 10-12 labels. I can either open the thing up and pull them out, or hit the back button.

It just doesn't work. I regret buying it.

08 December 2016  |  15:41

Then it's obviously faulty - just return it free for a brand new replacement under the 3 year warranty!

Beth McMeekin
29 September 2019  |  19:23

Mine has done the same thing since I purchased it 2 years ago. I no longer have the purchase receipt, so I guess I'm either going to have to keep rewinding the labels or buy a new label printer.

08 December 2016  |  15:56

I have a simple fix. I called the Dymo sales staff and they said the holes on the labels should be on the left, not the right. I don't know if that helps or is relevant here, but it worked for me.

Tech Support
08 December 2016  |  16:19

Well yes, if the holes are on the wrong side then the labels are faulty, and that's going to mess with the sensing as the sensor looks for the holes.

Marsha Webb
26 December 2017  |  17:19

Worked for me. Thanks.

26 November 2018  |  23:36

We had someone accidentally un-spool the roll of labels, flip them around, then re-spool them the wrong way. This issue caused 4-5 blank labels to be printed every time.

29 January 2019  |  19:08

Thank you very much Ryan for the comment. We took a spool from a different printer and accidentally hand wound it back up the wrong way. Your fix saved us.

Greg Smith
09 January 2017  |  9:16

I had this problem - it was caused by a "chad" from one of the punched out holes on the labels being caught in the mechanism - only found it when I used a cleaning sheet on the head as a last resort and it was pushed out.

Forrest Ott
08 February 2017  |  19:21

The "chad " was the problem with a printer I checked today. Thanks

22 October 2017  |  19:20

Where did you get a cleaning sheet from?

23 October 2017  |  9:00

Cleaning Card

10 February 2017  |  12:56

This is a frustrating issue.
1. I am using Dymo labels --S0929110
2. I ensured the labels are fed properly (on the wheel correctly, and correct tape feed side).
3. Whenever I put in a label to feed, it advances about 3-4 labels.

I have tried everything what do you suggest, if this a faulty printer, i only received it today.

10 February 2017  |  13:36

Then I would suggest a) talking to Dymo tech support to confirm it's faulty, then b) ask the supplier for a refund/replacement.

31 July 2017  |  21:22

My problem was a new roll of labels not printing. When I popped off the front cover of the Label Writer 400 Turbo, the machine spit out a roughly one-half inch wide piece of a label. It may have been blocking the print heads. Works fine now.

07 November 2017  |  16:53

My problem was resolved by removing the front cover and removing a label that had flipped and glued itself to the sensor holes of the cover. Thank you.

19 November 2017  |  18:49

My issue was resolved by ensuring the reel flanges were securely squeezing the label roll. If a large enough gap exists between the roll and the flanges, the labels feed out skewed and the sensor hole is missed by the sensor (on 4x6 labels, anyway).

08 June 2018  |  4:00

wow this really helped! my reels were about a centimeter loose from the roll, and as soon as I tightened them it started working fine. Thanks, internet message board!

Denise Mott
14 December 2017  |  21:55

I took out the paper, installed update, powered down and reloaded labels. Worked after that

12 March 2018  |  22:46

I did all steps listed above and labels are still coming out blank.

13 March 2018  |  8:17

Did you follow the step about contacting Dymo Tech Support via the Dymo website...?

12 April 2018  |  15:06

I hope I can save people A LOT OF TROUBLE with this easy fix. I tried the advance button and did not get one smooth label. I opened it to try replacing the label roll with a new one and noticed that the black discs on the ends of the label-rod were not seated snug (the roll could slide right and left).

The instructions for seating the roll said to push those discs in all the way so I tried correcting that before doing anything else. Everything is 100% working normally now.

19 August 2018  |  0:35

Just an fyi: I also had the same issue. My labels were coming out blank except for a bar code on the bottom. I tried re setting the spool and unplugging and plugging back in the machine. As a last ditch effort I rebooted my computer and that did the trick. Clearly there are many reasons for this issue and multiple solutions.

03 March 2021  |  2:59

My problem was caused by the labels not having the holes punched out properly. So check this.

Jalina Hawkins
11 March 2021  |  15:39

The label maker was working fine yesterday but all of a sudden it stopped printing ink. I have read the above comments and IT DOES PRINT ONLY ONE LABEL WHEN I PRESS THE FRONT BUTTON. I have cleaned out the whole machine and sensors. I have tried to create a new label and it still is not printing.

11 March 2021  |  15:46

Dymo have put up a notice on their website that says the following, "We are sorry to inform you that at the moment we are experiencing some issues with printing from our latest versions of DYMO Software on Windows 10 computers. We would like to confirm that the team is working on fixing it and as a temporary solution, please download DYMO Label Software v.8.5.4"

You can download the old version of the software from the Dymo website ( on the support page. Depending on your region this may be listed under "legacy software" or "all software" or you may just have to search by product.

11 March 2021  |  16:41

Thank you for the March 11th 2021 update, that seemed to do the trick. This page was more popular than Dymo's own website with the same information. Thank you!

11 March 2021  |  20:00

How did you download the old version? Every time I go to the link, it says "Page cannot be found"

12 March 2021  |  0:50

I had the same problem Chris! I'm guessing you're using Google Chrome too?

Open the link up in Microsoft Edge and download using that instead - that worked for me!

31 March 2021  |  14:20

The update worked for me.. I couldn't get the old version, so I simply updated the DYMO software and I was printing away...

Alexis Leys
11 March 2021  |  17:44

My office has a Dymo LabelWriter 450 and it is not printing labels. The feed is working properly, but when I attempt printing, the labels come out blank. When I push the feed button, it does feed 1-label at a time. I have gone through the troubleshooting chart and cannot seem to find where the problem is. Can someone please help?
Thank you!

11 March 2021  |  22:15

Please follow the instructions at the top of the page and download the old software from the Dymo (not ours) website.

American Responder Services, LLC
11 March 2021  |  19:36

Like many other comments our Twin Turbo Label Printer has also stopped working. It has been printing blank labels.

11 March 2021  |  22:13

Then please follow the instructions at the top of the page and download the old software from the Dymo (not ours) website.

Victoria King
11 March 2021  |  22:13

It did not fix the problem but at least I know it's not my device. When will this Windows 10 issue be resolved? And how will we be notified that it has been rectified? Thank you

11 March 2021  |  22:18

I have no idea. The only information we have is what we told you - ie. the statement by Dymo about the cause of the problem and their suggested workaround. We do not have any more information than you. You should probably just keep referring back to the Dymo website until they update their message.

11 March 2021  |  23:16

Thank You! I was going crazy!!!

Barry Wadge
12 March 2021  |  8:52

Apparently 8.5.4 is not compatible with wireless printer according to message on What version should we use?
All that I have tried so far, once installed and opened, ends up with the add network printer dialogue box. It never finds the printer and other options ,e.g. add a name cannot enter details.

12 March 2021  |  9:37

You would need to go to Dymo's website and ask Dymo. We are just reporting what they said.

12 March 2021  |  15:21


For info, I found the easiest? solution was to revert computer using system restore to date earlier then latest update, all now working. Have also paused windows updates for a Month, give time for Dymo to sort out the mess.

12 March 2021  |  12:33

Nothing helped, now I suddenly have a wireless labelwriter that print blank labels, thank you for trying to help anyway.

Emiliano Lanzoni
12 March 2021  |  13:14

I have a win10 PC with a Dymo Labelwriter 450.
starting from this morning it prints blank labels, I tried to remove/reinstall/update to v.8.5.4 but it did not fix the problem. I tried to print a test Label from the win10 control panel and it works, same with the self-test holding the blu button for 10 seconds..

12 March 2021  |  13:22

Please contact Dymo technical support on their website:

12 March 2021  |  18:22

Our dymo turbo 450 labelwriter is printing blank labes and I can not download the Software v.8.5.4"
We have many branches that is having the same issue we need to get this fix ASAP All our branches are not able to work!!!!

12 March 2021  |  19:58

Please contact Dymo technical support on their website:

Barry Wadge
13 March 2021  |  7:54

For those with a wireless printer, see the updated instructions at:

Paula Thomas
13 March 2021  |  10:39

Thank you very much for putting the notice and link at the top of this page. It cured a suddenly occurring problem.

13 March 2021  |  14:07

Problem with the PNP label printer. Using the light version of the software i'm able to center the text, using the version 8.5.4 all my labels have text decentered on the top, whatever the position i choose. Damn i can't believe a windows update can produce so many problems.
We've 45 employees who use the PnP printer, i think i gonna have a bad week next monday as IT manager;....

13 March 2021  |  14:11

You should report that to Dymo ( they may not be aware of that issue.

13 March 2021  |  19:18

Thanks for the update above. Was scratching my head trying to figure out why Dymo Label would print the left side, but Connect wouldn't print the right side. Kept spitting out blanks and was working fine yesterday. Removing the mentioned Windows Update got it working again. As a side note, I still say it would be nice to have one single software, split window, for use with the Twin model. Instead of having to use two different programs. I print a product sticker and a claim check for when customers drop off equipment for repair.

GeoSales Japan 株式会社
14 March 2021  |  2:35

Damn, I wasted a half of day trying to fix the problem, before I saw this update.

James Rogers
15 March 2021  |  22:15

Since I retired, my DYMO Label/lWriter Twin Turbo is for home use only, so I will hang in there until there is a fix. How will I be informed that the software fix has taken place?

16 March 2021  |  9:31

You won't. You'll need to keep checking the Dymo website (not ours) for updates...

Deven Gandhi
16 March 2021  |  13:07

After recent windows update, March 9, 2021—KB5000802 (OS Builds 19041.867 and 19042.867), it causes LabelMaker 450 to print blank labels. After uninstalling this update, it started printing properly again.

Rudy De Koning
16 March 2021  |  13:29

Thanks for 'printing blank labels' message. After removing the Windows update everything works fine for now. So I can finish my work for today.

17 March 2021  |  11:48

Solved , thank you very much for tip.

Tech Support
23 March 2021  |  10:08

Dymo have now fixed their software, please refer to the update at the start of this page

Ken Lane
23 March 2021  |  19:58

The updated software absolutely fixes the blank labels. 03/23/2021

Richie Madden
31 March 2021  |  16:05

Thank you so much for posting this fix so quickly. I was back up and running in five minutes. Whew!