Too many labels come out of the LabelWriter when trying to print


The LabelWriter has a photocell or optical sensor to detect the beginning and the end of a label. This sensor, in conjunction with the labels and the printer mechanism determine how far a label advances during printing. The problem may be caused by:

The label
1. Make sure DYMO labels are being used and that there is an oval hole between each label. Only DYMO labels are LabelWriter compatible.
2. Make sure the oval hole between each label is at the left side in the LabelWriter.

The optical sensor is dirty
Together with the LabelWriter, a cleaning card was delivered in the package.
Feed this card a couple of times through the LabelWriter. The roller, optical sensor and print head will be cleaned.

The optical sensor is damaged
Report the faulty LabelWriter to your supplier, who will advise the correct procedure for replacement.