Promo: Dymo Rhino 6000 Industrial Label Printer with Free Upgrade to KIT offer

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It seems every year or so this offer gets rolled out for a month or two, and 2012 is no exception.

The RhinoPro 6000 label maker is now available with the "free upgrade to kit" offer, and can be purchased here:

For those not familiar with the offer, you can basically buy the expensive kit version (which includes the printer, a hard carry case, 2 tapes, Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack, charger/mains adapter, usb cable and Rhino Connect software) for the price of the standard model (ie. the printer and 1 tape supplied in a cardboard box).

Given that the Rhino range is popular with tradesmen and data centre cablers etc, the carry case and Li-Ion battery with charger are all but essential (the standard version works off normal AA batteries!).  And given the cost of buying the Li-Ion battery pack and charger/adapter separately it's much cheaper to buy the kit rather than the standard model.

So when you're offered the chance to get the vastly superior KIT version, for the lower cost of the standard version you should be jumping at the chance to get one, before they run out of stock...

The same offer is currently running on the 5200, see here for details of both offers: