Perform a factory reset on the Letratag LT100H label printer


To perform a factory reset on a LetraTag printer, just do this:

  • Switch the Letratag printer OFF 
  • Remove the tape cassette
  • Press the following 3 buttons together and hold - [ON] + [Numlock] + [J]
  • An erase message will be displayed and the machine will switch off

When you switch it back on it should have been reset and will ask for the language.

Irene Holmes
09 May 2022  |  15:08

Worked perfectly! Was about to dump this one, bought in 2019, and buy a replacement, so this is a big saving. Thank you.10

02 February 2023  |  0:20

Motor not running. Tried reset: nothing Tried cleaning: nothing

30 December 2023  |  16:16

A factory reset will just fix some software errors, it won't fix a broken motor.

Chris Sharpe
30 September 2023  |  7:55

My Dymo Letra Tag 100 H is only new & only used a few times. It will not turn on. I have replaced the batteries, still not on. I have removed batteries & held on button for 30 secs, replaced batteries, still not on.

30 December 2023  |  16:17

The factory reset obviously won't work if the machine will not even power on.

James Gray
30 December 2023  |  15:43

Reset does not cause dymo Lecratag to show erase message. It shows A with horizontal line then three vertical lines. Doesn't ask for language when turned back on. It has one vertical line in the middle.

30 December 2023  |  16:13

what was the problem you were having that caused you to try a factory reset?