News: Dymo D1 Label Redesign affects old Label Makers


Dymo have recently redesigned the Dymo D1 labels, and although this has no effect on more recent labellers the new D1 Labels no longer fit the following (very) old Labelmakers -

Dymo 1000, 2000, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500, 5000, 5500, Dymo Pocket

The D1 labels still have exactly the same codes, so if you have one of these old machines don't be fooled into thinking that just because the last label that worked was say a 45013 that you just need to buy another 45013 and it will work, because it won't - the code is the same but the design is (slightly) different.

The new D1 labels will not work in the above machines.

You can still buy the 12mm Yellow tapes in the old shape here: Dymo 45018 for 1000/5000

ps. The "Rhino 1000" and "Rhino 5000" printers are different to the above machines with similar model numbers, and are not affected by this issue.

pps. The old tapes, if you still have some, may also not work in some of the newer machines, such as the LM280.

Tech Support
29 July 2015  |  15:46

Please note 12mm Yellow mentioned above is the *only* tape left that fits these machines, and only while stocks last.

01 March 2016  |  16:11

Have 12+ D1 tapes that worked in my 350 labelpoint but won't work in new LabelManager 280. Tapes are worth more than new printer. Is there any way to use the old tapes in new printer.

Tech Support
01 March 2016  |  16:52

Both the old and new tapes will fit the LM280. The only problem is the new tapes don't fit the old machines.

29 October 2016  |  15:21

I can't seem to get the old tapes (45018, 45015) to fit the LM280. The side of the cartridge next to the "DYMO" logo does not click into place.
Thanks for your help.

Tech Support
31 October 2016  |  9:23

ok, it seems that the old tapes do fit some newer machines, but not others - specifically NOT the LM280. In that case all you can do is speak to Dymo ( about getting the tapes replaced for newer ones.

17 December 2016  |  11:15

With a cutter I meticulously cut off a part of the new D1 cartridge to fit in my old Dymo 1000.
It took me an half hour and it works perfectly.

07 February 2017  |  17:34

Many thanks! Just tried this and it worked! So the old Dymo 1000 lives to fight another day.

21 November 2018  |  11:32

Thanks for the tip... I had already considered doing this on tapes I recently bought only to discover they don't fit, but you have confirmed it works so will go ahead and do the same. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and if it keeps my old 1000 going then it is a solution at least - albeit imperfect.