New: Dymo's first Wireless Label Printer! (Dymo PnP)

Dymo have just launched their very first wireless printer (who said "about damn time"? quiet at the back!) - the Dymo PnP Wireless (Plus and Play).

This is very similar indeed to the old PnP labeller except it's now wireless, and it has an automatic cutter - which are two useful improvements over the last one.  Though having said that the USB version got it's power through the USB cable - so it had one wire going to it.  Now however it has to get it's power from a power cable - so it still has one wire coming out of it, which means in terms of clutter or portability you haven't really gained anything.  But to be fair, it also has a rechargeable battery so when charged it can now go completely wireless, at least until the battery runs down - so that is kind of funky.  And of course now you can share it across multiple users instead of hogging it for yourself.

Here's the Dymo launch video for it.