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New Dymo Rhino Coloured Vinyl Tapes

Wednesday, 25 July 2012  |  Admin

Dymo have launched a new range of coloured Vinyl labels, for their professional RhinoPRO Range of labellers, to meet various US/European standards, here is the full list of the new products with part numbers:

White on Red RhinoPRO Vinyl Label
12mm 1805416
19mm 1805422
24mm 1805429

White On Green RhinoPRO Vinyl Label
12mm 1805414
19mm 1805420
24mm 1805426

White On Brown RhinoPRO Vinyl Label
12mm 1805412
19mm 1805418
24mm 1805424

White On Grey RhinoPRO Vinyl Label
12mm 1805413
19mm 1805419
24mm 1805425

White On Purple RhinoPRO Vinyl Label
12mm 1805415
19mm 1805421
24mm 1805428

White On Blue RhinoPRO Vinyl Label
12mm 1805243
19mm 1805417
24mm 1805423

White On Black RhinoPRO Vinyl Label
9mm 1805437
12mm 1805435
19mm 1805436
24mm 1805432


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