New: Dymo fills in the gaps in the Rhino tape range

Dymo has recently expanded it's Rhino range, filling in some of the gaps and fleshing out the 24mm sizes.

In the Polyester range the Clear tapes were previously only available in 9mm, but are now available in all sizes from 6mm-24mm.  Metallic also adds 6 & 24mm tapes, while the white gains a 6mm size.

There's no change to the Nylon range, but the Heat Shrink Tubing gains a 24mm tape in both white and yellow and the Vinyl range gains 24mm tapes across the board.

Here's a list of the new tapes:

1805443 - 24mm white heat shrink tubing

1805444 - 24mm yellow heat shrink tubing

1805441 - 6mm metallic polyester

1805440 - 6mm clear polyester

1805442 - 6mm white polyester

1805434 - 24mm metallic polyester

1805433 - 24mm clear polyester

1805427 - 24mm orange vinyl

1805431 - 24mm yellow vinyl

1805430 - 24mm white vinyl

Apparently the 6mm polyester labels have been introduced to cater for the smaller distribution panel faceplates, while the 24mm heat shrink tubing allows the labelleling of pre-terminated cables.

Rhino have also introduced a new range of colours into the Vinyl range, more news on that coming shortly.