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How to remove a jammed tape from a Dymo labelmaker

11 CommentsTuesday, 15 July 2014  |  Admin

Please find below the manufacturers instructions for removing a jammed D1 tape from a LabelPoint or LabelManager label maker:

  1. Open the tape compartment and carefully remove the D1 tape cartridge.
  2. Across from the print head is the feed mechanism. This feed mechanism should appear to be a dull black. A tape/ink ribbon jam is present if the feed mechanism appears to be a shiny black or any other color. In this situation, straighten out a paper clip and GENTLY cut away at the tape/ink ribbon that may be caught around the feed mechanism.
  3. Using caution, begin removing the jam from the feed mechanism. (Note: We recommend using tweezers to remove the jam)
  4. Once the jam has been completely removed from the feed mechanism, carefully insert a new D1 tape cartridge.

These instructions are provided by the manufacturer, if you are unsure about any of the steps please call Dymo UK Technical Support on 020 3564 83 54 or the Dymo Helpdesk on 020  7341  55  29.

Barbara Mannell
Wednesday, 6 January 2016  |  3:10

This info saved my life!!!! Thank you!

Louise Nixon
Wednesday, 22 February 2017  |  3:53

I just bought a brand new cartridge for a brand new dymo label maker and just put it in. It keeps saying jammed. I am completely unable to use this item. I bought the dymo from amazon and the box was open and the 1/2" tape was missing whenI got it, so I purchased a 1/4" cartridge from staples. everything looks exactly as it did when I got it. What do you think is wrong? What are my options? I just paid approximately $50 for a non working label maker. Im a bit frustrated. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. Louise

Dymo Sales
Wednesday, 22 February 2017  |  8:37

So Amazon sold you a faulty printer, in an opened box with bits missing and you want to know what to do about it? Have you thought about, you know, maybe complaining to Amazon about it and asking for your money back?