How to remove a jammed label from a Dymo Labelwriter


If you've managed to get a label jammed in your Labelwriter then here are some very useful step by step instructions from Dymo on how to remove it.

Together with the DYMO LabelWriter a cleaningcard was delivered.  Feed this card a few times through the LabelWriter, in order to remove label. If the label remains stuck, try to gently pull it out of the LabelWriter.  If this doesn't work follow these instructions:

This guide on how to remove a label jam has a handy photo for each step, so you can see exactly what it's talking about.

Disclaimer: Please note that these instructions are provided by the manufacturer; we provide this link for your information only and accept no responsibility for any damage you may cause to your machine.  Read the instructions fully before proceeding at your own risk.

ps. If you keep getting label jams here's a handy guide on how to prevent it:  Stop using compatible labels!  They tend to cause the majority of jamming problems, as non-specification adhesives mean that they can peel off the backing coming out of the printer.