Troubleshooting: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation - Dymo Label Software for LabelWriter [solution]


If you get any kind of error that says "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation" then the issue is likely a problem with the .NET framework installed on your PC.

As the Dymo Label Software is dependent on .NET Framework 3.5, it is possible that the error you are experiencing is in relation to this. In the first instance try the following solution:

  1. Disconnect the LabelWriter from the PC
  2. Download the Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool.
  3. Allow the tool to apply its recommended settings.
  4. Once the repair is finished, reboot the computer.
  5. Re-install the Dymo Label Software, reconnect the Labelwriter when prompted

Nigel Lorriman
03 May 2017  |  16:50

I followed the above instructions, but they didn't work. However, what did work was running the Dymo Software as 'Administrator'.

14 November 2017  |  4:57

I followed the above the procedure didn't fixed my issues. My resolution at the end steps were.
1. Un-Install Dymo Label Writer Software
2. Go to Control Panel - Remove Dymo printer
3. Go to Print Server Properties (highlight any existing printer Print server properties will appear underneath address bar
4. Remove Dymo driver
5. Restart computer
6. Re-install Dymo Label Writer software

Hope this help

18 April 2018  |  13:17

We purchased a new Lable Printer 450 but after the instalation we get message- DYMO.Managed.PrintingSupportGateway' threw an exceptio.
I have looked at your support webpage and followed the recomendations for this issue but I couldn't resolve it. I have tried the few feedbacks from other users ith the same issue but still nothing. Please advice.
Thank you

18 April 2018  |  13:39

If you are still experiencing this issue please contact Dymo Technical Support via their website -

Chris Stanton
13 September 2018  |  22:41

Try using version 8.5.3

Geoffrey Gobeil
07 December 2018  |  14:36

Try using version 8.5.1
it's ok for me, i think is a error about framework
the apps need a old version of framework
we are not able to do custom install

Heather Palmer
07 March 2019  |  5:52

It seems that installing version 8.5.1 fixed my problem, thank you very much

Anthony Coleman
25 February 2021  |  13:42

Assuming you have .NET working properly, the answer to this error is to goto the Dymo website and find your (likely older) printer unit and download the Windows 7 / Vista driver and install into windows 10. Then install the latest version of the software.