FAQ: What does HW-err: Flash1! mean on a Dymo LabelManager?


Q) What does "HW-err: Flash1!" mean on a Dymo LabelManager

Unfortunately, that is a pretty fatal fault - the machine is not usable and the error is not user fixable, so would need to be returned under warranty for a replacement.

Rohan Pearce
16 March 2015  |  8:01

Hi, I have just received a DYMO 160 through my work and as yet haven't registered it but it has come up with the above error. HW-err : Flash 1

I was wondering what I will need to do

Regards Rohan

16 March 2015  |  9:08

If it's brand new then return it to the supplier as faulty.

28 February 2019  |  2:54

What if I bought it second hand and don't have anypaper work for it can I still send it in and have it fixed.

28 February 2019  |  9:54

You would need to ask Dymo (www.dymo.com)

14 August 2022  |  0:56

I had this error and I held down the power button, like doing a hard reset on a computer or your phone, and then it started working again.