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FAQ: Is there an SDK for Dymo Postal/Shipping Scales?

4 CommentsTuesday, 13 November 2012  |  Admin

Q) Is there an SDK for the Dymo M5 Digital Mailing Scale please. We need to capture the weight into an application to print the labels.

There are no drivers or SDK as such, but the scales do adhere to the HID standard so you should be able to access them that way.

The HID standard is documented here. Weighing devices are covered in section 4.

Jan Axelson has a great page on HID development with lots of examples and links to resources. I recommend this as a starting point.

There are many other examples of HID Scale development online, such as Nicholas Piasecki’s page and Mike Obrien’s libraries.

Note: This will not work for the M1 and M2 scales, as they are "stand-alone" and do not have a USB connection.

Forian Deetig
Wednesday, 5 August 2015  |  11:43

Trying to read a Dymo M5 from an android app (requesting HID get input report) I only get 03 04 0B FF 00 00.

It seems reportId, status (stable), unit (ounce) and scaling work fine.

But the weight is always zero
Also the unit never changes

Does the M5 conform to HID POS spec?
Or only the more advanced Dymo scales?

Thank You

Wednesday, 5 August 2015  |  15:47

I would suggest trying to get hold of the development team. Start with and hopefully they can forward you to the appropriate team.

Forian Deetig
Monday, 17 August 2015  |  16:11


Dymo M5 is now working fine with android.
Code can be seen here:

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