FAQ: How to place orders from the EU without paying VAT

Q) I'm trying to place an order on your Dymo website from the EU, but the basket is showing VAT.  I shouldn't be paying this as I'm not in the UK so how do I place the order?

The VAT will show up in the basket initially, but as you progress through the checkout you can get it removed, just follow these instructions:

  1. Choose the delivery country (Note: this will not work for the UK, if you're ordering from the UK you need to pay the VAT and claim it back as normal)
  2. On the following pages there will be an option to enter your EU VAT number, please enter it (Note: the VAT is only removed if you have a valid EU VAT number; if you are not VAT registered or a consumer then you must pay the VAT)
  3. When you enter the VAT number there is also a tick box to exclude you from paying VAT, this must be ticked.
  4. The VAT will be removed from the total on the next page.
Please note: You are only eligible to do this if you are based in the EU, but not in the UK, and are a genuine company with your own valid EU VAT number.  Any attempts to avoid paying VAT by providing false information is VAT fraud which is a serious offence.
(This post applies only to our Dymo Label Printers website, our Dymo Express website is UK only)