FAQ: Can I use RhinoPRO tapes in LabelManager Machines?

Q) Can I use RhinoPRO tapes in LabelManager Machines?

Technically the RhinoPRO tapes are a very similar physical size/shape to the Dymo D1 labels, the main difference being the contents (ie. the label material), so in practice they will usually work - however, this is not officially supported and may also have warranty implications.

However, the RhinoPRO tapes are designed for 'professional' applications that require 'tougher' tapes with more aggressive adhesive, and the RhinoPRO printers are designed specifically for this type of professional usage.  They therefore have a wide range of functions and shortcuts for those specific applications, so using the Rhino printer and tape together is by far the best combination.  While you could use a standard LabelManager printer, these are designed for general office usage so don't have all of the helpful features of the professional machines.

So while you may save money on the label printer doing it that way, you may also lose the functionality that you need.