FAQ: Can I use LabelManager (Dymo D1) Tapes in Rhino Printers?


Q) Can I use LabelManager (Dymo D1) Tapes in Rhino Printers?

A) Short answer "Yes, but why would you want to?"

Technically this will work (though is not necessarily supported) as the cartridges are the same design, however, the tape itself is greatly different.  The Dymo Rhino tapes are designed for very specific uses, as are the Rhino printers.

Putting standard tapes in a Rhino machines is kind of missing the point - if you just want to use cheap LabelManager tapes, buy a cheap LabelManager labelmaker!  If you've purchased  RhinoPRO labeller then presumably you did so because you wanted to label cables, patch panels, difficult or dirty surfaces and so on and this is what the rhinopro "professional" tapes are for.  Standard D1 labels are intended for use in the home and office on flat clean surfaces, and they may fall over time off if you try to label cables or curved / dirty / rough / powdery surfaces.

The only reason it might make sense to do this is if you usually use the printer for labelling cables etc, but decide to label a few things around the office as a one off and don't want to have to spend money buying a 2nd labeller or waste money on more expensive "overkill" labels.