FAQ: Can I print to a LabelWriter from an iPad?


Q) We are implementing a check in system and there is a mobile option available to be used with iPads. The company says the labelwriters won't print from an iPad. I find this a little hard to believe with all the advances in technology we have. Can it be done? Is there a special app to get around the system? Or is there a way to connect our labelwriters to the iPad?

There are two problems here.  Firstly, the iPad prints using AirPrint and the printer must support this (the Dymo's don't).  The Second is that the iPad (and other IDevices) are wireless, while the Labelwriter is a USB printer - and the iPad doesn't have a USB port, so there is no way to physically connect them.

So the printer would need to be connected to some other device which the iPad could print to, such as a PC/Mac or a print server (a small network device that can accept print jobs and send them to the printer - often used to share a non-networked printer between multiple PC's on a network).

In this case it would need to be some kind of wireless print server (that supports AirPrint), though we're not aware of any specific model that supports the Dymo machines and is wireless.  There is a Dymo Labelwriter specific Printer Server, but this is just a standard network device, not wireless.

So realistically, you'd need a Mac (or PC with suitable software) and then print that way.  You could try something like "Print n Share" by EuroSmartz, available in the iTunes store.  This allows printing to all sorts of devices from and iPhone/Ipad, including LabelWriters - but whether your specific app can use this to print is something you'd have to ask them directly.

We'd recommend checking this with your app provider and EuroSmartz before proceeding.

David Henry
18 September 2017  |  14:33

It's 2017 now. Is this still the correct answer, or had Apple/Dymo resolved the issue of wired connectivity?

18 September 2017  |  15:28

Yes, Dymo has finally dragged itself into the wireless network age and is launching the new, awkwardly named, "LabelWriter Wireless" shortly. Launch is supposed to be October 1st... www.dymo-label-printers.co.uk/dymo-labelwriter-wireless-label-printer-white

11 July 2019  |  20:07

Dymo still does not support iOS (AirPrint) so I use xprintserver. It allows you to print from iOS and computers with no software required. There is a little setup but it is almost plug and play. Also let’s you plug in multiple printers.

John Eriksson
03 May 2018  |  9:44

I bought the Dymo Labelwriter Wireless, and yes it does print wirelessly from iOS with the Dymo Connect app. However, our system generates PDF-files, and I can't find a way to open these PDF files in Demo Connect, nor does the printer support AirPrint. So it doesn't really accomplish anything.

The Demo Labelwriter Wireless doesn't have a ethernet port either, otherwise it could be really handy as a network printer at the office.

It would also be great if it had PoE instead of that bulky power adapter. Even if the printer requires more than 25W during the actual print, it spend most of the time idling. A small battery/capacitor inside would solve PoE usability perfectly.

A version 2 please, so we can replace our 100 Labelwriter 450. :)

Would be on time to update the scripting usability as well, that code is over 10 years old and haven't been updated.

Have a nice day,