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FAQ: Can I print PDF files on the LabelWriter?

10 CommentsFriday, 28 June 2013  |  Admin

Q. Can I print images or pdfs using this writer? I have product labels designed that I can export in jpg, png, pdf or similar and need to know if I can print these using the dedicated "label software" or otherwise.

Yes, the LabelWriter can be used like any other Windows printer, so you can print directly from a graphics program or a PDF viewer for example.  Just make sure when you print you have the correct sized label selected, and that either the 'page size' is the same size as the label or the option to scale the image is also selected.

Note that any colours in the image/PDF file will be printed in greyscale, as it's not a colour printer.

Ian Rigby
Sunday, 12 July 2015  |  16:11

I have spoken to help lines at dymo and they tell me they don't support pdf as I want to print

Monday, 13 July 2015  |  9:47

I just opened a PDF, selected file/print, chose our LabelWriter Twin Turbo as the printer and printed a page from the document onto a 99014 Shipping label.

Perhaps it was the way you worded the question to them, or a specific way you wanted to print that is unsupported.

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