Etsy now supports Dymo LabelWriter 4XL

Online marketplace Etsy has announced it now supports the 4XL printer.

Configuring the printer in Etsy:
Go to Your Shop > Shipping Labels > Options and select “Format my labels for DYMO LabelWriter 4XL” as your Download Preference.

Configuring your PC:
You will need to install the Labelwriter driver (supplied on CD with the 4XL)

Shipping Labels are still provided in PDF format. The PDF will be formatted specifically for your printer as single pages containing an individual label. Multi-part international labels will span across four individual pages. You will continue to attach all of these to your package the same way you do at present.

To print your labels, open the PDF and select the DYMO LabelWriter 4XL as your printer from the print dialog screen. Select “1744907 4 in x 6 in” as your paper size (note: this option may be labeled differently depending on your operating system, you’ll need to select the 4x6 option). You may need to open the PDF outside of your browser to print correctly.

Other Notes:
Previously purchased domestic labels will print formatted for the 4XL. Previous international labels will remain on 8.5x11 pages.
Going forward all international labels will be 4x6. For mail classes and package types that require the multi-part customs form (CP72), these will remain as separate 4x6 labels.
If you do not have a 4XL or choose to print using your regular printer, international labels will also be in 4x6 format.

The smallest labels available from Endicia, the USPS postage partner, are in 4-by-6 format. So Labelwriter 450's, Turbo's, Twins's, Duo's and other smaller-format printers are not supported. At this time the 4XL is the only supported 4x6 Label Printer.

Handy Hint:
To save keep changing the label size each time, go into the control panel > printer settings and set the default size to 4x6"