Dymo XTL Tapes scheduled to be discontinued 2020

The following Dymo XTL tapes are scheduled to be discontinued in the UK in 2020.  The list is subject to change.

1868665 Dymo XTL 0.5X0.5" 12X12mm black/white die-cut tape
1868666 Dymo XTL 0.5X1" 12X25mm black/white die-cut tape
1868667 Dymo XTL 0.5X1.5" 12X38mm black/white die-cut tape
1868668 Dymo XTL 1X1" 25X25mm black/white die-cut tape
1868669 Dymo XTL 0.35X1" 9X25mm black/white die-cut tape
1868670 Dymo XTL 0.5X0.75" 12X19mm black/white die-cut tape
1868701 Dymo XTL 0.75X1" 19X25mm black/white die-cut tape
1868702 Dymo XTL 1X2" 25X51mm black/white die-cut tape
1868703 Dymo XTL 2X3" 51X76mm black/white die-cut tape
1868719 Dymo XTL 1X1.3" 24X34mm black/white HST die-cut tape
1868720 Dymo XTL 2.1X1.3" 54X34mm black/white HST die-cut tape
1868731 Dymo XTL 0.25X1.9" 6X47mm black/white HST die-cut tape
1868732 Dymo XTL 0.5X1.9" 12X47mm black/white HST die-cut tape
1868733 Dymo XTL 1X1.9" 24X47mm black/white HST die-cut tape
1868734 Dymo XTL 2.1X1.9" 54X47mm black/white HST die-cut tape
1868749 Dymo XTL 1.5" 41mm red/clear vinyl continuous tape
1868786 Dymo XTL 0.5" 12mm white/brown vinyl continuous tape
1868787 Dymo XTL 0.75" 19mm white/brown vinyl continuous tape
1868788 Dymo XTL 1" 24mm white/brown vinyl continuous tape
1868789 Dymo XTL 1.5" 41mm white/brown vinyl continuous tape
1868790 Dymo XTL 2.0" 54mm white/brown vinyl continuous tape
1868791 Dymo XTL 0.5" 12mm white/purple vinyl continuous tape
1868792 Dymo XTL 0.75" 19mm white/purple vinyl continuous tape
1868793 Dymo XTL 1" 24mm white/purple vinyl continuous tape
1868794 Dymo XTL 1.5" 41mm white/purple vinyl continuous tape
1868795 Dymo XTL 2.0" 54mm white/purple vinyl continuous tape
1868801 Dymo XTL 0.5" 12mm black/grey vinyl continuous tape
1868802 Dymo XTL 0.75" 19mm black/grey vinyl continuous tape
1868803 Dymo XTL 1" 24mm black/grey vinyl continuous tape
1868804 Dymo XTL 1.5" 41mm black/grey vinyl continuous tape
1868805 Dymo XTL 2.0" 54mm black/grey vinyl continuous tape
1868710 Dymo XTL 2X0.8" 51X21mm white sheet labels
1868712 Dymo XTL 2X4" 51X102mm white sheet labels 
1908552 Dymo XTL 1X0.9" 24X22.5mm white sheet labels
1908553  Dymo XTL 1X1.6" 24X41.5mm white sheet labels
1908555  Dymo XTL 1.5X0.9" 41.1X22.5mm white sheet labels
1908556  Dymo XTL 1.5X1.6" 41.1X41.5mm white sheet labels
1908557  Dymo XTL 2X0.9" 53.8X22.5mm white sheet labels
1908558 Dymo XTL 2X1.6" 53.8X41.5mm white sheet labels