Dymo slammed on facebook by furious users over new 'activation codes'

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Labelwriter users in the US have flooded Dymo Endicia's facebook pages with angry messages after it's new policy of requiring activation codes when printing postage using the Endicia "Dymo Stamps" service.  Basically, Dymo/Endicia require users to use original Dymo labels, not compatibles, which has angered a lot of people - but this only affects the "no monthly fee" plan.

Some customer comments here:

I've been an Endicia (paid) user since 2008 and have spent more on postage than I have paid for my house. Today (Saturday) I try to print the normal batch of about 175 labels, and find my account has been suspended. No reason, no warning, no nothing. I have given you lots of money in service fees over the years, and THIS is how you do business with me? Very, very bad. On Monday morning, I do not want to spend 45 minutes on hold with the support team.


What do I do with the FOUR rolls of genuine Dymo Stamps label rolls (30915) that were previously purchased and have no activation code (at least not that I can find?) Will you offer me an exchange of these rolls for those that have the code???


We will be putting together a class action lawsuit regarding your new "requirement" that was NOT part of the original terms when products were purchased. I strongly urge you to re-think this strategy as I guarantee you that it will bite you in the back as well as your bank account!


Purchased a twin turbo and scale and have been using Endicia for 5 yrs. All advertising said print postage FREE and now you want to charge $10/mo for my small amount of printing. I've used generic and Dymo stamps and have rolls all over the place. Now I'm supposed to throw out all the generic rolls in July. BS!!!!!!!
I sincerely hope that the FCC gets involved or some type of class action suit to deal with the false and misleading advertising. I won't be purchasing ANY new DYMO products.


In Re to your "System Requirements" claims...

But the terms WERE NOT stated on the packaging of the product at the time of purchase. They are not stated plainly and inconspicuously anywhere. They are, however, hidden away in a long, legal TOS & System Requirement disclosure that no one sees until AFTER they've purchased the printer and installed the software to set up their account.

Maybe our dissatisfaction is misplaced and we should all be filing complaints of false advertising and misleading consumers against DYMO since they sell the printer and make no disclosure of the "requirements" on the packaging; or at least Endicia can not point out where the requirements are disclosed on the packaging after multiple requests to do so.

Note: this only applies in the US, for Endicia Dymo Stamp users.