Dymo SAP upgrade continues to cause delays in distribution

The big upgrade of Newell Rubbermaid's (owner of Dymo) systems to SAP is still causing supply issues for the distribution channel in the UK.

The upgrade is designed to move many separate computer systems into one integrated system, which from the channels point of view will hopefully lead to shorter delivery times and better inventory management.

However, during the upgrade supplies have been disrupted and several lines are now out of stock at most distributors, which are being given long lead times for new stock.

The Dymo Rhino industrial range is being hit hard as many Dymo distributors don't stock it, and the ones that do don't hold large stocks.  The brand new range of Rhino Vinyl tapes is particularly hard hit as distributors and resellers didn't have much time to stock up on these before the delays hit.  The Labelwriter range is sufficiently well stocked not to have any problems, but some of the D1 tapes are out of stock at distributors.