Dymo / Royal Mail SmartStamp Competition

Dymo have got together with Royal Mail to bring you this SmartStamp competition.  All you have to do is purchase one of the promotional products during October/November, then register it online (which also gets you the extended warranty).

Full details are here:


These are the qualifying products:

  • LabelWriter™ 450
  • LabelWriter™ 450 Duo
  • LabelWriter™ 450 Turbo
  • LabelWriter™ 450 Twin Turbo
  • Postal Scales M1
  • Postal Scales M5
  • Postal Scales M10
  • Shipping Scales S100
  • Shipping Scales S180

We're not actually sure what the prize is yet, as Dymo's website doesn't tell us this pretty basic piece of  information (yes - but we have mentioned to them that it may be a useful idea).   It does say that you can win 'postage', but not how much or what they mean by "postage".  Although the website doesn't give any clues, we do happen to know that they mean online SmartStamp postage (ie. a credit to your SmartStamp account) rather than a few books of stamps.

One thing to note before rushing out to buy a LabelWriter for use with a new SmartStamp account is that the Royal Mail is currently not opening new SmartStamp accounts.  However, we believe that they will be launching a new SmartStamp type scheme, or a revamp of the existing scheme, in the not to distant future and that the "prize" will work for both existing accounts and new accounts when they launch the new scheme.  But that's just what we heard - don't quote us on that, and if you have any specific questions on the scheme aim them at the Royal Mail.