Dymo RhinoTapes scheduled to be discontinued 2020[1]

The following Dymo Rhino tapes are scheduled to be discontinued in the UK in 2020.  The list is subject to change.

1805413 Rhino  GRAY vinyl-12mm
1805415 Rhino  PURPLE vinyl-12mm
1805419 Rhino  GRAY vinyl-19mm
1805421 Rhino  PURPLE vinyl-19mm
1734525 Rhino  YELLOW FLEX NYLON LABEL-24mm
1805412 Rhino  BROWN vinyl-12mm
1805418 Rhino  BROWN vinyl-19mm
1805423 Rhino  BLUE vinyl-24mm
1805424 Rhino  BROWN vinyl-24mm
1805426 Rhino  GREEN vinyl-24mm
1805428 Rhino  PURPLE vinyl-24mm
1805429 Rhino  RED vinyl-24mm
1805432 Rhino  BLACK vinyl-24mm
1805433 Rhino  CLEAR PERM POLY-24mm
1805434 Rhino  METALLIC PERM POLY-24mm
Plus these accessories:
S0899390 Dymo 6000 Battery Pack
S0902390 Dymo 5200 Spare Hard Case