Dymo Rhino Labels - Part Number Chaos

There's been much activity in the rhino range recently - first the discontinuation of the "black on red" and "black on green" tapes, and the 9mm Yellow and Orange tapes; then the addition of several new (and quite frankly strange) colours to replace them; then the addition of several new sizes for existing colours.

With all these new products comes a confusing hotch potch of different part numbers.

Previously, the rhino tapes had two part numbers - the 5 digit "legacy" code which they used to be known by, and the replacement Sanford 8 digit "S0" code which was the new official part number.  They left the legacy code on the box as that was the code that everyone new them by (it's much easier to remember that you need to buy 18764's than S0718210's for example).

When the first 24mm labels came out they didn't have legacy codes so they were only known by the "S0" codes, but now most of the new tapes have strange new 7 digit "1805" or "1734" codes.  Except the black on clear polyester tapes which bizarrely go with a 6 digit "6222" code.

As if that wasn't bad enough, there are also several products that seem to have new 'legacy' codes (if that's not an oxymoron) for no obvious reason - so who knows what is going on...  Anyway, here are the part numbers that have changed:


18756 is now 18490

18757 is now 18491

18758 is now 18488

18759 is now 18489

Permanent Polyester

18760 is now 18485

18761 is now 18486

18762 is now 18487

18764 is now 18483

18765 is now 18484

18766 is now 18482

So, some legacy codes have changed for no reason (while others have stayed the same), the "S0" codes are still the same for those that have them, while completely new products are going with a completely different 6 or 7 digit code.  Clear?