Dymo Rhino 5200 Free upgrade to Kit promotion

This is an offer that comes around now and again on the RhinoPRO label printers, but it's been a long while (2011?) since the last one and that would have been on the 5000 model.  So this is a first for the new(ish) 5200.

For those not familiar the 5200 and 6000 machines come in two versions - the standard version is just the label printer and a free tape in a box.  The KIT version is much more useful - As well as the machine itself, and two free tapes, you also get a power adapter/charger and rechargable battery pack.  It also comes in a hard carry case which is great for keeping the printer, tapes and accessories together.

The current promotion, available for a limited time only at www.rhinopro.co.uk, let's you buy the kit version (normally around £110 ex vat) for the same price as the standard version (£85.99).

We also hear the RhinoPRO 6000 "free upgrade to Kit" promo will start shortly (apparently there is a supply issue at the moment).  So if you prefer the 6000 model, hang on for a week or so and that deal should become available.