Dymo LabelWriter Wireless - Wireless Configuration


LabelWriter Wireless Printer Configuration

The LabelWriter Wireless printer includes a Web Configuration utility that allows you to configure the printer on your network and view the printer’s status.

Recommended Browsers

For the best experience, use the latest versions of the following browsers when starting the LabelWriter Web Configuration utility:

  • Internet Explorer version 10 or later
  • Chrome version 35 or later
  • Firefox version 36 or later
  • Safari version 10 or later
  • Edge version 12 or later
  • Opera version 20 or later

Accessing the Web Configuration Utility

Once the printer is connected to your wireless network, you can access the Web Configuration utility on the printer using the IP address assigned to the printer by your network.

If you have not yet set this printer up on your wireless network, see Connecting the Printer to your Wireless Network 

To start the Web Configuration utility

  1. In your browser, enter the URL assigned to the printer during setup. If this is the first time you are accessing the printer, the default URL is:
  2. Log in to the LabelWriter Web Configuration utility using the following:
  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin or the custom password you have assigned

The printer status page appears showing the current wireless status of the printer.

Web Configuration Menu

To access the Web Configuration menu, click in the upper left corner of any page in the Web Configuration utility. From the menu, you can:

  • Run the Quick Setup wizard to connect to a wireless network.
  • View the Status of the printer
  • Change the Printer Name
  • Select a new Wireless Connection
  • Configure the printer’s Access Point
  • Configure a static Wireless connection
  • Change the Password
  • Change the Language
  • Set the session Timeout
  • Restart the printer

If you are having problems with your Dymo Labelwriter Wireless printer please go to www.dymo.com and contact Dymo Technical Support.