Dymo LabelWriter Wireless - Registering your new printer


Congratulations on purchasing a DYMO LabelWriter Wireless label printer. Your LabelWriter printer will give you years of reliable label printing. We encourage you to take a few minutes to register your printer.

Visit the Dymo Shop for information on obtaining labels and accessories for your label printer.

Registering Your Product

Visit www.dymo.com/register to register your label printer online. During the registration process, you will need the serial number, which is located on the bottom of the label printer.

Register your label printer to receive these benefits:

  • Email notification of free software upgrades
  • Special offers and new product announcements
  • 1 Year extra warranty, on top of the 2 year standard warranty


Kim Groenvold
02 February 2023  |  12:28

I have tried to register my Labelwriter. However on the register page my phone number is not accepted. I have attempted to be relocated to the norwegian site but this does not happen when I click on that option. Therefore I beleive I am trying to register my product on the us site. I choose norway as a location but still i cannot proceed with my registration as the norwegian phone number is not accepted. Neither is a british one. Please advise on how I can register my printer.

02 February 2023  |  12:35

If you are unable to complete the registration on Dymo's website, then you would need to talk to Dymo about it. Just select "contact us" or "support" on which-ever regionalised version of Dymo's website you are trying to use. We are not Dymo, so unfortunately we can't fix problems with their website...